Rory Mc Namara – The Ring Of Truth Trio – So Far So Good

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This is an album covering some of the greatest songs ever written in the genre. Songs we have been singing and playing for years that audiences have asked so many times why we haven't recorded. So here they are, all in one place. The band members are joined by some old friends to round out the unique soaring sound that they have become known for. Check out the interplay between Henry Nagle's pedal steel lines and Doug Adamz's harmonica or the way that John Caulfield's fiddle keeps it all honest.

Track Listing:
1. I Remember Loving You - 3:57   2. Wishing For You - 3:53   3. Tramps and Hawkers - 4:53   4. Mongrel Dogs - 2:12   5. The Hubbardville Store - 5:42   6. Jennifer Johnson and Me - 3:59   7. Sweet Loving Daddy - 2:48   8. Take it Easy - 4:30   9. Bluebird - 3:29

Rory McNamara (vocals, guitar) , Doug Adams (harmonica on 1,5,8,9, backing vocals on 8) , John Caulfield (fiddle on 1,3,5, backing vocals on 1) , Sue Draheim (fiddle on 2,7) , Fergus Feely (mandola on 1,3,6,9) , Ross Harris (drums on 1,2,4,6,8,9) , Muir Houghton (bass on 1,2,4,6,8,9) , Lonesome ‘Homesick’ Jones (bass on 3,5, backing vocals on 4) , Peter Miller (bass on 7) , Henry Nagle (pedal steel on 1,3,6-9, lead guitar on 2,4, backing vocals 2,4,8) , David Seigler (lap steel on 5)


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