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Dave Travis

A Man At His Best

Though Dave Travis got early tastes of Punk and Psychadelia, his current release of “A Man At His Best”, exemplifies…

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Eric Bibb

Global Griot


Eric Bibb may have found the perfect formula, where his own groovy contemporary blues fuses with African roots as well…

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Rory McNamara with The Ring Of Truth Trio

Dangerous Business

The Trio, which hails from Santa Rosa, California, first came into existence in 2008, worked steadily for about a year,…

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Poor Nameless Boy


Bravery focuses on the message of life and of hope. With producer Brad Prosko (B-Rad Studios) at the helm and…

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Tim Grimm And The Family Band

A Stranger In This Time

Track Listing: 1. These Rollin’ Hills – 3:25   2. Gonna Be Great – 5:25   3. So Strong – 3:28   4….

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Phil Ochs

Live Again!

Recorded Saturday May 26th, 1973 At The Stables

Phil Ochs was a topical songwriter who was at the forefront of the folk music scene in the 1960’S-70’S. In…

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Blackie And The Rodeo Kings

Kings And Kings

The album kicks off with the Live By The Song, which is simply the autobiography of Blackie and the Rodeo…

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Lightnin’ Guy Verlinde


“Oorlogsstemmen’ contains all music from the educational concert for youngsters about ‘The Great War’ (1914-1918) DOWNLOAD ONLY Track Listing: 1. Voices…

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Eric Bibb – Eric Bibb In 50 Songs


A compendium of Eric Bibb’s best recordings from the past decade. 50 tracks, 3 CD’s, three hours and twenty minutes…

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Lightnin’ Guy

Inhale My World

“Inhale My World” is the second release from Belgium’s #1 blues & roots artist, Lightnin’ Guy on Dixiefrog Records. This…

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Bill Deraime

Après Demain

Here is APRES DEMAIN the BILL DERAIME’s brand new album. A mix of new songs and of « revisited »…

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Peter Bultink

Electric Buddha


Track Listing: 1. Petit con – 4:05   2. L’hôtel bruxellois – 3:09   3. Poème invalide – 3:14   4. Hymne au…

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Peter Bultink

Tour de France 2013

ONLY AVAILABLE AS DOWNLOAD Track Listing: 1. Hymne au quotidien – 3:01   2. Socrates in Brussels – 3:07   3….

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Tucker Zimmerman

Word Games

ONLY AVAILABLE AS DOWNLOAD Track Listing: 1. Taoist Tale – 5:15   2. Two Nice Guys Down On Mainstreet –…

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Tucker Zimmerman

Square Dance

ONLY AVAILABLE AS DOWNLOAD Track Listing: 1. Spit Into The Wind – 3:47   2. Half Crazy – 4:35  …

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Tucker Zimmerman

Foot Tap

ONLY AVAILABLE AS DOWNLOAD Track Listing: 1. Work All Day – 4:00   2. Runnin’ Races With My Shadow –…

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