Buddy Moss – Atlanta Blues

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Eugene "Buddy" Moss (January 16, 1914 – October 19, 1984) was, in the estimation of many blues scholars,[who?] one of the two most influential East Coast blues guitarists to record in the period between Blind Blake's final sessions in 1932 and Blind Boy Fuller's debut in 1935 (the other being Josh White). A younger contemporary of Blind Willie McTell, Curley Weaver andBarbecue Bob, Moss was part of a coterie of Atlanta bluesmen, and among the few of his era whose careers were reinvigorated by the blues revival of the 1960s and 1970s. A guitarist of uncommon skill and dexterity with a strong voice, he began as a musical disciple of Blake and may well have influenced on the later Piedmont-style guitarist Fuller. Moss's career was halted in 1935 by a six-year jail term and then by the Second World War, but he lived long enough to be rediscovered in the 1960s, when he revealed that his talent had been preserved through the years. He was reputed to have been cantankerous and mistrusting of others.
In later years, Moss credited his friend and bandmate Barbecue Bob with being a major influence on his playing. Scholars also contend that Blind Blake was a major force in his development, as both share certain mannerisms and inflections. It has also been suggested by Alan Balfour and others that Moss may have been an influence on Blind Boy Fuller, although they never met and Moss's recording career ended before Fuller's began – Moss's first recordings display some inflections and nuances that Fuller did not put down on record until some years later.   - Wikipedia

Track Listing:
1. Bye Bye Mama - 3:20   2. Red River Blues - 2:59   3. T.B.'s Killing Me - 3:01   4. Jealous Hearted Man - 3:00   5. Back to My Used to Be [Take 2] - 2:49   6. Can't Use You No More [Take 1] - 2:53   7. Bachelor's Blues - 3:13   8. Broke Down Engine No. 2 [Take 2] - 3:11   9. Some Lonesome Day - 2:59   10. Unkind Woman - 2:56   11. Tricks Ain't Walking No More - 2:58   12. Oh Lordy Mama - 2:46   13. Jinx Man Blues - 2:50   14. Too Dog Gone Jealous - 3:12   15. Someday Baby - 2:56   16. Love Me, Baby, Love Me - 2:42   17. My Baby Won't Pay Me No Mind - 3:08   18. Worrysome Woman - 3:09   19. Can't Use You No More - 3:15   20. You Need a Woman - 2:53   21. Joy Rag - 2:38   22. Little Angel Blues - 2:49   23. I'm Sittin' Here Tonight - 2:50