Jesus Volt – In Stereo

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Jesus Volt takes you on a musical journey through different styles, where modern music meets Rock and Roll, tinted with a strong blues sound.

"In Stereo" is produced by Tony Cohen (Nick Cave), and is an offbeat album in which the group's unique and flamboyant instrumental style, accompanied by the charismatic singer, carries us above and beyond traditional blues, into a world of psychedelic originality.

Turn up your stereo and you'll hear that their music goes above and beyond all limits.

Track Listing:
1. Voodoo In A Motel Room - 5:51   2. I Won't Get Down - 4:44   3. Jungle Blues - 5:21   4. Up In Flames - 5:56   5. Only The Devil - 3:23   6. Devil In A Red Tuxedo - 4:05   7. Little Green Men - 5:30   8. Jesus Gonna Be Here - 6:39   9. Conservative Jackass Blues - 6:01   10. John The Revelator - 3:53

Lord Tracy (vocals) , Mister Tao (guitars) , Lenine McDonald (bass) , Magic Doudous (drums) , Boney Fields (trumpet, backing vocals) , DJ Cook (scratches and tricks, vocals) , Nicholas Lienard (keyboards) , Fredrick Girard (percussion) , Tony Cohen (spoken word)

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