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In the Manding languages of West Africa, Balimaya means “kinship”, “fraternity”.This is the idea that I wanted to express in…

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Erik Aliana


Erik Aliana’s search for a raw and vibrant aesthetic continues. The tracks on his new album are mainly devoted to…

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Sahra Halgan

Waa Dardaaran

Sahra is an iconic artist from Somaliland, formerly the British protectorate of northern Somalia and since 1991 an independent country…

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Als ‘aankomend’ talent speelden ze van 1977 tot 1989 in clubs, CC’s, festivals van Sfinks, Dranouter, Hasselt, Peer… en tientallen…

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Yann-Fanch Kemener

Roudennou / Traces


This recording, “a tribute to Breton poetry”, marks forty-five years of a rich and intensive career of explorations, of encounters…

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Kyriakos Kalaitsidis



The history of humanity is a history of exiles. Kyriakos Kalaitzidis, one of the most important musicians and scholars in…

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Abyatti 19

Lyaman, ensemble de quatre voix, se réclame d’un islam mystique et tolérant dans ces îles, les Comores, où la religion…

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Janusz Prusinowski Kompania

Po sladach

In The Footsteps

En marchant sur les traces des musiciens du village, nous découvrons des paysages musicaux inattendus et surprenants. Nous découvrons de…

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Mah Damba

Hakili Kélé

The return of the Bamako native griotte (bard) adored in every Malian home. Custodian of a centuries-old cultural heritage, Mah Damba never…

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The Healing

The third album by Soweto seven-piece BCUC sees them collaborating with Femi Kuti and Saul Williams to exhilarating effect. Track…

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Kanazoé Orkestra


Seydou Kanazoé Diabaté, is born in Burkina Faso, in a famous family of griots. Multi-instrumentalist, he gathered around him a…

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Musical hybrid, rooted in multiple territories, Pixvae was formed the intention to confront the traditional musics from the Pacific coast…

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Daniel Kahn

Bulat Blues

On his new album BULAT BLUES Daniel Kahn devotes himself to the “Georges Brassens of the Soviet Union”, Bulat Okudzhava,…

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Michael Chapman

Americana 1 & 2


6 panel Digipack featuring guitarist Michael Chapman’s instrumental take on his journeys across America. The 2000 album “Americana” reflects the…

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The Minstrel And Tin Pan Alley DNA Of Country Music

This 3 CD reissue anthology is the first to track 20th century American vernacular music of old time country, bluegrass,…

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Istanbul Tango 1927-1953

Old World Tangos Vol. 4

Track Listing: Muhlis Sabahattin Ezgi: 1. Tango Türk / Tango Turque – 2:45  Fikriye Hanim: 2. San Samur – 2:49 …

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