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Compagnie Rassegna


Agile, turbulent, curious, “Qui-vive!” is made up almost exclusively of pieces born during the 17th century. Loving anachronisms, all that…

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Atomicat Hootenanny

Atomicat Hootenanny is an end-of-year party stuffed with THIRTY high-octane rockers with all-year-round playability! The songs sourced are the not-so-over-reissued…

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Sweet Dreams Forever

The Four Stars of Country and Western music are vocalists; Randy Hugues, Cowboy Copas, Hawkshaw Hawkins, and Patsy Cline who…

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Boom Chicka Boom: The Ultimate Collection Of Johnny Cash Soundalikes

Atomicat Records take you on a Boom Chicka Boom journey of rhythm, based upon the impact which Johnny Cash had…

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Jack Guthrie

The Complete Releases 1944-48

Jack Guthrie, a cousin of renowned folk singer Woody Guthrie, was born in Oklahoma in 1915, but like his cousin…

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Kintal Da Banda

Kintal Da Banda, Bonga’s new album of unreleased songs, brings you back to the experiences that shaped his journey and…

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Eric Bogle

The Source Of Light

Eric Bogle’s ‘The Source of Light’ was recorded and produced in Australia in late 2021 by Peter Titchener and the…

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Isabelle Courroy

Confluence #2

Le Chant Des Sources

Music from Bulgaria, Greece , Turkey , Armenia; Isabelle Courroy has booked a truly dazzling line-up for the second part of…

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Joce Mienniel

Aram Lee

Wood & Steel

Three thousand years separate these two instruments. WOOD The first is Korean, made of bamboo: the daegeum. This traditional flute is…

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Bonga Jean-Baptiste


“Bonga” Jean-Baptiste was born in Croix-des-Missions, La Plaine, Haiti, to a family with a long lineage of Vodou tradition. The…

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Hamdi Benani & Mehdi Haddad & Speed Caravan

Nuba Nova

NUBA NOVA : UN DISQUE DEJA CULTE Nuba Nova, le titre sonne comme un manifeste. Comprendre une filiation transgressive avec cette…

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Rusan Filiztek

Sans Souci

For this, his first personal album, the challenge was considerable : daring to sing in several languages, even in some…

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Ian Bruce & The Tartan Spiders

Young Territorial

IAN BRUCE is one of the best known faces on the Scottish folk scene and a wonderful ambassador for the Scottish…

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A Principiu

L’Alba likes to say that the Corsican musical tradition is not frozen in time but, quite the opposite, is in…

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The Sons Of The Pioneers

Cool Water


Track Listing: CD1: 1. Cool Water – 2:45   2. Along the Navajo Trail – 2:56   3. I’m an Old Cowhand…

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Buck Owens

The Many Sides Of Buck Owens

Right After The Dance

The Many Sides of Buck Owens, Right After The Dance Atomicat (ACCD027) is not an anthology of Buck Owens, the…

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