Hoosier Hot Shots – Breezin’ Along – The Singles Collection 1935-1946


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The Hoosier Hot Shots were a quartet of American musicians from Indiana, hence their name, although no-one knows the exact origins of the term ‘hoosier’ as applied to natives of Indiana. Their music defied categorisation, but largely comprised novelty material played in a style that somehow combined jazz, swing and country, using a variety of instruments, from brass and woodwind through to novelty implements like bicycle horns, bells and slide whistles. Their washboard and other artefacts from the band are now in the collection of the Indiana State Museum. They recorded novelty songs and versions of vaudeville and pop standards, powered by a frantic, freewheeling instrumental virtuosity, grounded in comedy and whimsicality but always brilliantly performed. They performed on stage, on radio and in movies and started to record in 1935. This 51-track 2-CD collection comprises selected recordings on the Vocalion, Banner, Melotone, Conqueror and Decca labels from these years, and features their hits “Breezin’ Along With The Breeze”, “Red Hot Fannie”, “The Man With The Whiskers”, “Annabelle”, “She Broke My Heart In Three Places” and “Someday (You’ll Want Me To Want You)”, along with classics like “Beer Barrel Polka”, “When There Are Tears In The Eyes Of The Potato” and “O-Hi-O”. It’s a thoroughly entertaining showcase for one of the most unusual acts of the era.

Track Listing:

Hoosier Hot Shots: 1. Whistlin' Joe From Kokomo -   2. Hoosier Stomp -   3. I'm Looking For A Girl -   4. This Is The Chorus -   5. Meet Me By The Ice House Lizzie -   6. Back Home In Indiana -   7. Them Hillbillys Are Mountain Williams -   8. I Like Bananas Because They Have No Bones -   9. Wah Hoo -   10. Nobody’s Sweetheart -   11. Bye Bye Blues -   12. Hold 'Er, Eb'ner -   13. You're Driving Me Crazy -   14. Margie -   15. Everybody Stomp -   16. The Coats And Pants Do All The Work -   17. Breezin' Along With The Breeze -   18. Goofus -   19. It Ain't Nobody's Biz'ness What I Do -   20. I Ain't Got Nobody -   21. Meet Me Tonight In The Cowshed -   22. Red Hot Fannie -   23. A Hot Dog, A Blanket And You -   24. Man With The Whiskers -   25. When Paw Was Courtin' Maw -

Hoosier Hot Shots: 1. Wabash Blues -   2. Annabelle -   3. Beer Barrel Polka -   4. From The Indies To The Andes In Undies -   5. Look On The Bright Side -   6. Willie, Willie, Will Ya? -   7. Are You Having Any Fun -   8. In An Old Dutch Garden -   9. Ma She's Makin Eyes At Me -   10. Connie's Got Connections In Connecticut -   11. Down By The O-Hi-O -   12. My Wife Is On A Diet -   13. Who's Sorry Now -   14. When There's Tears In The Eyes Of A Potato -   15. Way Down In Arkansas -   16. Everybody Loves My Baby -   17. Let's Not And Say We Did -   18. Guy Who Stole My Wife -   19. The Band Played On -   20. Since We Put A Radio Out In The Hen House -   21. Blues My Naughty Sweetie Gave To Me -   22. She Was A Washout In The Black-Out -   23. She Broke My Heart In Three Places -   24. The Barn Dance Polka -   Hoosier Hot Shots And Sally Foster: 25. Someday You'll Want Me To Want You) -   Hoosier Hot Shots: 26. Divorce Me C.O.D -