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'A Woman's Heart' is a classic album by any standard. This compilation captures the varied vocal and musical talent of Ireland's most popular female artists. Since its release it has broken all records and remains the biggest selling Irish album ever.

'A Woman's Heart 2' has most of the previous performers and includes some other talented female artists who have contributed to a new wave of Irish music. This Deluxe Edition features 4 bonus tracks. One each from Mary Black, Sharon Shannon, Frances Black and Sinead Lohan's classics recording of 'To Ramona'.

The phenomenal success of these two albums has helped generate a wider interest in and an appreciation of Irish traditional and contemporary music.

Track Listing:
Eleanor McEvoy with Mary Black
: 1. Only a Woman’s Heart -   Dolores Keane: 2. Caledonia -   Mary Black: 3. Vanities -   Sharon Shannon: 4. Blackbird -   Frances Black: 5. Wall of Tears -   Maura O'Connell: 6. Summerfly -   Dolores Keane: 7. The Island -   Eleanor McEvoy: 8.I Hear You Breathing In -   Mary Black: 9. Sonny -   Sharon Shannon: 10. Coridinio -   Maura O'Connell: 11. Living in These Troubled Times -   Frances Black: 12. After the Ball -

CD2: (Deluxe Edition with bonus tracks)  
Sinead Lohan: 1. Sailing By -   Frances Black: 2. Talk To Me While I'm Listening -   Mary Coughlan: 3. Invisible -   Mary Black: 4. Saw You Running -   Dolores Keane: 5. Never Be The Sun -   Sharon Shannon: 6. Bungee Jumpers -   Maura O'Connell: 7. Trouble In The Fields -   Mary Black: 8. Don’t Explain -   Sinead O'Connor: 9. Three Babies -   Dolores Keane: 10. Solid Ground -   Maighread Ni Dhomhnaill: 11. A Mhaithrin Dhileas -   Frances Black: 12. Fear Is The Enemy -   Mary Coughlan: 13. I Can't Make You Love Me -   Sharon Shannon: 14. Sparky -   Maura O'Connell: 15: Western Highway -   Mary Black: 16: If I Gave My Heart To You - Bonus Tracks: Sinéad Lohan: 17. To Ramona -   Frances Black: 18. Don't Be A Stranger -   Sharon Shannon: 19. Silver Dollar / Audrey's Polka -   Mary Black featuring the RTENSO: 20. The Loving Time -

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