Max Merritt And The Meteors – Get A Haircut – 1959-1963 The Complete Recordings


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“Max Merritt and The Meteors were New Zealand’s first and hottest rockin’ band who during the vibrant years 1959 through to 1963 championed the new music in their birth land and Australia. Rockstar Records collection Get A Haircut showcases the trailblazing sound of rock ‘n’ roll music in the Eastern and Southern Hemispheres.” Rockstar Records present a 24 track CD album entitled Max Merritt and The Meteors, Get A Haircut. The CD album is programmed in chronological order and comprised of original and cover songs from the years 1959 through to 1963. The Rockstar Records anthology is shone upon Max Merritt and The Meteors who were the longest-lived and the most popular band from New Zealand in the rock ‘n’ roll era. They were the hottest band to set the trend in New Zealand, and their legacy for this release comprises; four 45 RPMs and the songs from their LP C’mon Let’s Go. Dee Jay Mark Armstrong Bühl, Germany

Track Listing:
1. Get A Haircut -   2. Dixieland Rock -   3. Kiss Curl -   4. You Made Me Love You -   5. Mr.Loneliness -   6. If You Want My Lovin' -   7. Weekend -   8. Easy To Dream -   9. Sea Cruise -   10. I was The One -   11. I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen -   12. The Way I Walk -   13. Shine That Ring -   14. Diamond Ring -   15. Little Angel -   16. Tennesee Waltz -   17. Too Much Tequila -   18. Hallelujah I Love Her So -   19. C'mon Everybody -   20. Teen Beat -   21. Soft Surfe -   22. She's Everything I Wanted You To Be -   23. The Slow One -   24. Crossack -