The Roe Family Singers – Sisters & Brothers



Kim Roe grew up with music all around her. Her dad would play his guitar and she would sit at his feet singing along. As she grew, so did her love for music: first as a girl singing along with the radio into a hairbrush in front of her bedroom mirror, then as a teenager in choir, then as a young woman singing karaoke.

Quillan Roe is the descendant of Kentucky horse-thieves and a long line of Appalachian and Ozark fiddlers on his mother’s side; and an equally long line of evangelists, poets, and writers on his father’s side. He’s been playing in bands for nearly three decades, with his first professional band, Accident Clearinghouse, launching in 1992.

Kim and Quillan were married in the spring of 2003, and soon Kim was asking Quillan if they could start a band together; Quillan said, “No. Husbands and wives shouldn’t be in bands together. It’s a terrible idea!” But Kim persisted and kept asking to start a band together, and Quillan kept saying, “No.” That same year, however, both June Carter and Johnny Cash died, and a local bar, Lee’s Liquor Lounge, organized a tribute to them and their music. Quillan wanted to perform at the tribute but his band at the time, Accident Clearinghouse, was on hiatus. So with the tribute’s promoter on the phone, Quillan asked Kim if she still wanted to start a band together. Not knowing that Quillan meant right then, she answered enthusiastically, “Yes!”

Flash forward to 2020, and The Roe Family Singers have shared the stage with Doc Watson, Ralph Stanley, Mike Seeger, Del McCoury, the Grascals, and Jim Kweskin & Geoff Muldaur, all while receiving prestigious awards for their live performances.

Track Listing:
1. The Road To Hell – 2:10   2. Little Trouble – 3:53   3. On The TV Today – 3:49   4. Loretta Lynn Blues – 3:10   5. That September Day – 5:00   6. Planxty Oldtime – 2:42   7. Too Big To Fail – 2:45   8. Chicago/Art School – 3:17   9. Weep, Sweet Willow – 2:58   10. Bedtime In Boogie Town – 3:15   11. What Are You Waiting For? – 3:50   12. World Without A Gun – 2:10