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After an eponymous first album ("Ann O'aro") about intimacy and family violence, and a second ("Longoz") which launched her trio (Teddy Doris on trombone, Bino Waro on percussion), here comes Ann O'aro's third opus, "BLEU", on which she plays the piano accompanying her own vocals. Reunion maloya continues to break away from the beaten track with the arrival of a fourth musician, Brice Nauroy, who takes the sound on board with his ‘machines'.

For Ann O’aro: “The quartet sketches ports, sacks of rice on the decks, cockroaches and privateers caught in prints where blood is reduced to just a fluid. Ostinato and drones under the song piercing the fog and the backwash of a foul sea, hints of piano coloured like a music-box, strident trombone, shards of sheet metal and cries of boiling iron along the continuous staccato of the pikér, night-side gossip and killing time, harmonies revoked and restored. Landscapes nibbled away by the fever of nothingness, nostalgia for a blue childhood fighting the dry branches of the trees, the terror in white cotton wool.”

Track Listing:
1. Bleu – 5’10   2. In Utero Militari – 5:24   3. Lanbordaz – 5:34   4. Kalu – 4:02   5. Saple – 4:36   6. Lak Otab – 6:31   7. Bouyon Lo Rosh – 3:12   8. Vane Lo Sor – 3:50   9. Les Ailes Du Cafard – 5:58   10. Lacrimosa – 8:12

Ann O’aro (vocals, piano) , Teddy Doris (trombone, vocals) , Bino Waro (percussion) , Brice Nauroy (machines) 

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