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Super Chikan & Terry Harmonica Bean

From Hill Country Blues To Mississippi Delta Blues

Track Listing: Super Chikan: 1 . Tin Top Shak – 5.31   2. Down In The Mississippi Delta (Tribute To Muddy…

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Rhythm Bombs

Better Be Ready

The title, Better Be Ready, says it all – you’ll need to adopt the brace position before you’re blown away…

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Emile & The Ecstatics

Bit By Bit

Third album by this promising young band from Sweden. They are conquering Europe by storm with their high-energy, rootsy blend…

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H.T. Roberts

Fingernail Moon

Track Listing: 1. Woodsmoke – 4:14   2. Nightingale Floors – 4:18   3. Do Right By Maria – 5:17   4. Massey…

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Sunny Fournier

One More For The Blues

Sunny Fournier pulls out all the stops with a hard-hitting horn section and his B.B. King-inspired guitar solos on “One…

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Mister John


Mister John was born as John Makin in Warrington UK. After training in Liverpool as a Quantity Surveyor he moved…

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Kristen Cornwell Quintet

Distant Skies

Track Listing: 1. Distant Skies – 7:04    2. Lies – 7:13   3. Saga of Harrison Crabfeathers – 4:43   4. Old…

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Curtis Fuller

Eight Classic Albums


Known best as a member of Art Blakey’s Jazz Messengers, American jazz trombonist Curtis Fuller also contributed to many classic…

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Quincy Jones

The Classic Albums 1956-1963


First and foremost, Quincy Jones is a musician, composer and arranger of some of the finest music of the 20th…

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James Moody

The Complete Argo Collection


Born in Savannah, Georgia, on March 25th 1925, future jazz-man James Moody was raised by his (single) mother, Ruby Hann…

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Howard McGhee

The Classic 1960’s Albums


Among the first bebop jazz trumpeters (along with Dizzy Gillespie, Fats Navarro and Idrees Sulieman), Howard McGhee was known for…

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Herb Ellis

The Early Years


This four CD collection however represents the first phase of Ellis’s solo career when he acted as leader or co-leader…

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The Jazz Messengers

Classic Albums 1956-1963


The origin of the Jazz Messengers goes back to 1954 or 1955, when the first recordings credited to the band…

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Metropole Orkest

Better Get Hit In Your Soul


A tribute to the music of Charles Mingus Track Listing: 1. Sue Mingus Intro –   2. Boogie Stop Shuffle –…

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John Cage: 4 Solos For Voice: Solos For Voice 93-96

Prima Facie are pleased to announce the release a world premiere recording and one of the final works by the…

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Weather Report

Tokyo 1978


As close to a supergroup as jazz ever came, Weather Report played a storming set for their adoring audience at…

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