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Mark Cameron

On A Roll

Known as a prolific songwriter and charismatic frontman, Mark Cameron has enjoyed sustained success over more than 40 years in…

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Damon Smith

A Fresh Harvest From Old Seeds

Damon Smith is a multi-award-winning singer-songwriter, music producer, instrumentalist, filmmaker, and performer based in Melbourne. With his whiskey-smooth voice, virtuosic…

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Breakin’ News

10 Years of Blues

Nola Blue Records celebrates a decade of blues with this soulful selection of musical milestones from the start of it…

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The Roe Family Singers

Sisters & Brothers

Kim Roe grew up with music all around her. Her dad would play his guitar and she would sit at…

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High Water Everywhere

Affected by Climate Change ‘ Feel the impact and devastation of the Great Mississippi Flood of 1927. Hear the warnings…

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Erwan Kerevac

In C / 20 Sonneurs

It does, however, offer an unusual interpretation by 20 pipers of IN C (Terry Riley) as a thrilling field of…

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Dieuf-Dieuil De Thiès

The album “Dieuf-Dieul de Thies” by Dieuf-Dieul ed Thies is a captivating and vibrant collection of music that showcases the…

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Negarit Band


For several years, Nègarit has established itself as the leading orchestra of the Ethiopian instrumental scene, choosing to perform regularly…

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Margot Sergent

Douce France

A new singer. With some new songs–and some familiar ones as well. A relatively new instrument for a jazz vocalist….

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Sean Riley & The Water

Stone Cold Hands

Pugnacious Records announces a March 8th release date for Stone Cold Hands, the new album from singer/songwriter/guitarist Sean Riley. Based…

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Nick Woodland

Land Ho!

Blues legend Nick Woodland has named his new album Land ho!. It’s his tenth, so it’s an anniversary, and listening…

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Jeff Rogers

Dream Job

Jeff Rogers has an unmistakable soulful voice which often evokes weighty comparisons – however, his tone, range, phrasing, and sincerity,…

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Rob Brown


A solo alto sax record from Rob Brown is very, very welcome, and a long time coming. If you know…

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Matthew Ship & Steve Swell

Space Cube Jazz

Although Matthew Shipp and Steve Swell know each other for a very long time, is the first time that these two masters jazz musicians,…

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Buddy Collette

The Classic Albums


Between 1955 and 1960 Buddy Collette released a number of superb albums on which he acted as leader, put out…

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Les McCann

The Pacific Jazz Collection


American jazz pianist Les McCann, was born in Lexington, Kentucky. He grew up in a musical family of four, a…

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