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Southern Bred 25

Tennessee: No Blow, No Show

The series concept is to research an artist’s birth state and compile albums around their Southern Bred heritage. By doing…

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Mikkel Ploug

Day In The Sun

Danish guitarist/composer Mikkel Ploug’s second solo acoustic guitar record (theß follow-up to his critically acclaimed 2017 Songlines release Alleviation) is…

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Horace Tapscott Quintet

Legacies For Our Grandchildren: Live In Hollywood, 1995

Previously unpublished live recording, under exclusive license from the Horace Tapscott Family. The first opportunity to listen to Horace’s working…

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The Backyard Casanovas

Backyard Stomp

Setting their stall out for the first time is The Backyard Casanovas with Backyard Stomp. A debut album conceived after…

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Fred Frith & Susana Santos Silva

Laying Demons To Rest

Laying Demons to Rest is a 2023 live album by English guitarist Fred Frith and Portuguese trumpeter Susana Santos Silva. It consists of a…

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Matthew Shipp & Mark Helias

The New Syntax

Matthew Shipp and Mark Helias, two outstanding artists, two great careers, the first time playing together! Track Listing: 1. Mystic…

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Art Ensemble Of Chicago

The Sixth Decade: From Paris To Paris


A live set celebrating the group’s 50th anniversary loops in a 20-piece orchestra, rousing poetry and new improvisers among the…

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Sylvain Kassap Sextet


An extension to a cycle of recordings that started in 1985 with his Saxifrages Octet, clarinetist Sylvain Kassap leads his…

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Denman Maroney & Scott Walton & Denis Fournier- O Kosmos Meta

A truly inventive collective trio of free improvisers from Denman Maroney on hyperpiano (a conventional piano played with one hand…

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Stan Webb

Changes + Plucking Good


Double CD of two albums from the early 1990’s Track Listing: CD1: Plucking Good 1. Reflections –   2. Broken Hearted…

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Mwezi Waq

Le Blues Des Sourds-Muets

Deaf And Dumb Blues

The music of Mwezi WaQ. is anchored in an era that denies, in an unashamedly regressive way, the stories of…

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Mze Shina


Elesa is a Chimera, a hybrid creature which alloys the timbre of percussion instruments with the vocal harmonies of the…

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Try Paradise

Try Paradise

Try Paradise is a trip to an imaginary India, where the Kashmir santoor expresses itself with sweetness and power through…

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Nostalgique Bollywood

Memorable songs from films of love and devotion (1939–1959) A contraction of the Hindi Bombay (now Mumbai), the vibrant heart…

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Françoise Atlan & Mohammed Briouel


Accompanied by the “Orchestre Arabo-Andalou de Fès” directed by Mohammed Briouel, Françoise Atlan expresses the spirit of an Andalusia that…

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Chants Du Dedans, Chants Du Dehors

Five years after La Silencieuce (Cas Particuliers/Buda Musique 2017), Meïkhâneh confirm its Persian, Mongolian and European influences of its music,…

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