Trixon Dixon


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Trixon Dixon is the brainchild of two extraordinary gentlemen of the Belgian po-and-rock scene. In his hometown of Bruges, Noël Van Oven (guitars) won his spurs with bands such as St. James, Ivy & The Teachers and Split Window, while in Ghent Jan De Vos aka JD Fox (vocals, bass and drum programming) did the same with the Machines, Derek & The Dirt an Paris-Texas. In the spring of 2022, the start to play around with a collection of songs written by Dixon, but choosing a different take on the music by staying away as much as possible from the clichés often associated with the blues genre. For mixing, production and additional keyboards, they called on another Belgian aristocrat: Serge Feys, known for his work with TC Matic and Arno. The result is a personal collection of 12 classics, featuring powerfull guitars and alectronic grooves as main elements. A dutch fellow musician calls their renditions 'hip and danceable, but still rootsy'. Is the self-titles debut album of Trixon Dixon a tribute to the late Willie Dixon? In a way, absolutely, proving that good music is not only adaptable, but also timeless.

Track Listing:
1. Back Door Man -   2. You Can't Judge A Book By The Cover -   3. Evil -   4. Spoonful -   5. I Ain't Superstitious -   6. I Can't Quit You Baby -   7. Hoochie Coochie Man -   8. Crazy For My Baby -   9. Seventh Son -   10. I Just Wanna Make Love To You -   11. Little Red Rooster -   12. Wang Dang Doodle - 

Jan De Vos (vocals, bass and drum programming) , Noël Van Oyen (guitars) , Serge Feys (keyboards)