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Tom Waits



THE FULL AUDIO RECORDING, PLUS BONUS REHEARSAL CUTS In the same year he released Mule Variations, VH1 broadcast an episode…

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The Kinks

Live Box


The Kinks have been one of the most successful music groups in England alongside the Rolling Stones, Beatles and The…

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Collectors Box


Track Listing: CD1: New York, 1998 1. Die, Die My Darling – 2:24   2. Blitzkrieg – 3:56   3. The Small…

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Pearl Jam & Neil Young

Rockin’ World

Pearl Jam and Neil Young performing at their very best, broadcasting live and taken from the archives. This CD contains…

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Love 666

American Revolution

Track Listing: 1. MDMA – 4:30   2. National – 4:42   3. Blue Scream – 5:50   4. Preparation For Combat –…

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Frank Sinatra

Triple Gold


Track Listing: CD1: 1. Come Fly With Me –   2. All Or Nothing At All –   3. Love Me As…

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Mellingo, a native of Buenos Aires, could be described as a Cubist tango poet. His deep, gravelly voice is more…

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Danyèl Waro

Tinn Tout

Should we be searching for a message in the sleeve photo of TINN TOUT, the eighth studio recording from Danyèl…

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A Bela Vida

Founder member of Aquarela, oboe and cor anglais player, virtuoso improviser, Jean-Luc “Oboman” Fillon wanted to satisfy his craving for…

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Josef Josef

“Josef Josef is the name of a Yiddish song written in 1923 by Nellie Casman: Yossel Yossel… When my father…

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The Early Years 1959-62


This great-value 80-track 3-CD set seeks to capture the essence and character of it’s musical output during the first few…

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Mark Knopfler & Emmylou Harris

Balcony Of Love


Following Dire Straits’ dissolution in 1995, main-man Mark Knopfler released several solo-albums, composed numerous movie soundtracks, and, in 2006, released…

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Jefferson Airplane

Stony Brook 1970


After a number of years of plain sailing, by the end of 1969, having recently played both Woodstock and, at…

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By 1973, the Who had begun recording their Quadrophenia album, about mod and its subculture, set against clashes with Rockers…

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Van Halen

Pasadena 1977

Formed in 1972 in the very city in which this show was recorded, five years later, Van Halen were credited…

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Frank Zappa

Under The Covers

The Songs He Didn’t Write

Among the most respected composers of the 20th Century, Frank Zappa was never away from a studio or a writing…

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