Jorg Danielsen – Foolin’ Around


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Introducing “Foolin’ Around,” the highly anticipated blues CD by Jörg Danielsen. Immerse yourself in the soulful melodies and captivating rhythms that define the blues genre. This album, is exclusive available on Wolf Records International, showcases the incredible talent of Jörg Danielsen and his collaborative team. 
With 17 remarkable tracks spanning over 75 minutes, “Foolin’ Around” takes you on a musical journey that transcends time. From energetic boogies to heartfelt ballads, Jörg Danielsen’s soulful vocals and exceptional guitar skills shine throughout the album.
Prepare to be enchanted by the infectious grooves of tracks like “She Wants to Dance,” “JD Boogie,” and “I’ll Be Your Doctor.” Let the bluesy melodies of “What a Time” and “29 Ways” resonate deep within your soul. Experience the emotional depth of songs like “Devil on My Shoulder” and “It Hurts Me Too,” where Danielsen’s heartfelt lyrics tug at your heartstrings.
Collaborating with talented artists Danielsen, Karas, Melzer, Faltner, and more, Jörg Danielsen delivers an authentic blues experience. Each track showcases the exceptional musicianship and passion of these artists, creating a harmonious blend of captivating storytelling and electrifying blues melodies.

Track Listing:
1. She Wants To Dance -   2. JD Boogie -   3. 'll Be Your Doctor -   4.What A Time -   5. 29 Ways -   6. Foolin' Around -   7. Devil On My Shoulder -   8. It Hurts Me Too -   9. Cold Woman With Warm Hearts -   10. True Love -   11. Watchin' The Rising Sun -   12. I Ain’t Drunk -   13. Let Me Go Home Whiskey -   14. Fannie Mae -   15. Gonna Stop Thinking -   16. Booze Drinking Women -   17. Mexican Blackbird

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