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Black Pearls

Volume 3

Voodoo Moon

The incomparable Ronnie Boysen from Denmark presents the third volume of this brand new series focused on Black Pearls of…

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Judy Garland

The Two-a-day Is Back In Town: Closing Night At The Palace

Act 3 by Lawrence Schulman Act 1 of Judy Garland’s life (1922-1969) could be said to be her years in…

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James Harman

Back Door Rumba: Live Sessions Volume Two

This is the second in the JSP series of superb sound quality and masterful performance albums of James Harman’s renowned…

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This Thing Called Love: Soul Blues Grooves (and Some Pain And Heartache Too)

Back in the 90s the barriers were coming down and there were a whole set of US performers who could…

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Danny Bryant


New color concept, modern look, and fresh design. British guitarist and singer Danny Bryant presents an impressive new album. The…

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Dexter Gordon

The Blue Note Collection


Featuring Dexter Gordon’s seven Blue Note albums recorded between 1961 and 1964, this four CD set also includes the great…

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Miles Davis

The Classic Albums Collection


Among the most influential and acclaimed figures in the history of jazz, and indeed in 20th-century music, Miles Davis adopted…

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Junnosuke Uehara & Washu Yoneya & Kisaburo Umeya

Japanese Celebration Melodies

While Japan might have an almost futuristic image to some in the west, it’s also a country steeped in tradition….

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The Dave Brubeck Quartet

Live From The Northwest, 1959

“The Dave Brubeck Quartet – Live from the Northwest, 1959” is the newest release from Brubeck Editions, the family-run label that…

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Arlen Roth


Dedicated to Gatton, Buchanan, Collins, Bryant, Nichols, White, Rich & Bloomfield, the team I have joined with on this album…

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Jerry Byrd

Byrd’s The Word

Atomicat Records (ACCD 142) present a value for money thirty-two song album Byrd’s The Word (with a supporting cast), which…

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Rhythm & Western

Vol. 9: You Are My Sunshine

Koko Mojo’s Rhythm & Western series aims to restore the balance by offering a platform to those African American artists…

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Sam ‘The Man’ Taylor

Sax Supreme

The Singles & Albums Collection 1949-58


Sam ‘The Man’ Taylor was a renowned tenor saxophonist whose work spanned the R&B, jazz, blues and pop arenas, and…

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The Pilgrim Travelers

The Best Of The Specialty Years 1948-56


The Pilgrim Travelers were a gospel group founded in Texas in the 1930s, who modelled themselves on groups like The…

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Marv Johnson

You Got What It Takes

The Complete Singles & Albums 1958-62


The R&B singer and songwriter Marv Johnson was one of the first artists to be signed to the Tamla by…

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The Herald Records Doowop Collection 1953-63


The Herald label was founded in 190 by Fred Mendelsohn, formerly with Savoy, and he was soon joined by Al…

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