Jackson C. Frank – Mystery


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'Mystery' features 16 tracks of rare early recordings from the legendary folk singer Jackson C. Frank, known for his brief but influential career in the 1960s. Frank's self-titled debut album is considered a folk classic. It featured songs like 'Blues Run the Game' and 'Milk and Honey', which have been covered by numerous artists over the years including Simon and Garfunkel, Wizz Jones and Bert Jansch.

Track Listing:
1. Mystery -   2: I Don't Want to Love You No More -   3. Goodbye to My Loving You -   4. Halloween Is Black As Night -   5. October -   6. Child Fixin' to Die -   7. Bull Men -   8. The Spectre -   9. Maria Spanish Rose -   10. Singing Sailors -   11. Night of the Blues (Version 2) -   12. (Tumble) in the Wind (Version 2) -   13. Washington Jail -   14. In the Pines -   15. On My Way to the Canaan Land -   16. Jesse James -

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