The Mary Wallopers – Irish Rock N Roll


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If every album an artist makes offers a snapshot of where they stand at that point, then the picture presented by 'Irish Rock 'n' Roll' is one of a band preparing to go stratospheric. It's an album that manages to perfectly capture the chaos, humour and excitement of the band's recent live shows whilst also showcasing the incredible emotional of the traditional ballads that they play (both in songs passed down from previous generations and - for the first time on this record - their own songs that promise to be passed down to future generations).

Track Listing:
1. The Bauld O Donoghue -   2. The Holy Ground -   3. Rakes of Poverty -   4. The Rich Man and the Poor Man -   5. The Idler -   6. Madam I'm a Darlin' -   7. Vultures of Christmas -   8. The Turfman for Ardee -   9. Hot Asphalt -   10. Wexford -   11. The Blarney Stone -   12. Rothsea O -   13. Gates of Heaven -


1. Spill Magazine:
Irish Rock N Roll is The Mary Wallopers sophomore album. It is a brilliant follow-up to their self-titled debut album. Irish Rock N Roll demonstrates just how much this band has grown in a relatively short time. It also demonstrates the true talent and genius of the band. Make no mistake, as much fun as they have in their tours and recording, The Mary Wallopers are very serious about the music they are making. They are very sincere in their presentation of traditional songs and ideals. Their own songs fit comfortably with songs that are hundreds of years old. That is one of the wonderful things about Irish Rock N Roll, it is truly very original and an absolute joy to put on your turntable.
Irish Rock N Roll provides the band a chance to show off their writing abilities. “The Turfman From Ardee”, while having moments of humour, still addresses the plight of workers and Irish politics. “Vultures Of Christmas” is disturbing and heartbreaking. It is not a song one would want to play during Christmas festivities, but that is the charm of the band and the album. They do have fun, anyone who has seen them in concert can attest to that, and they have a sense of humour. There are some fun songs on the album, but, like classic Irish music, the more the listener focuses on the songs, the more they will be rewarded. This is not background music. These are stories, manifestos, and bold statements. “Hot Asphalt” is a great example. The story of the poor man also serves as a protest song about worker’s rights.

Irish Rock N Roll is a very strong album. The Mary Wallopers have taken their time over the past two years perfecting the songs and the end result is a moving, smart and exciting album. There is also a wide range of emotions throughout the album.  From the sad story of “Wexford Town” to “Gates Of Heaven”, The Mary Wallopers show their sentimental side is alive and well and captured brilliantly throughout the album. Fans of Irish music will enjoy this but do yourself a favour and when you listen to the album, listen to the stories and messages throughout the album. That is the reward with Irish Rock N Roll. The Mary Wallopers is a band that is extremely well aware of where they come from , but they are also very clear as to where they are going.