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Welcome to Northern Soul 2024, a sizzling collection of 24 new recordings capturing all the essence of classic Northern Soul by vintage soul artists and fresh new talent!

The first “Northern Soul” series CD since 2012, with three new songs written with Fiachra Trench for the first time in 35 years!

This brand-new Northern Soul 2024 release captures all the essence of the classic soul records of the sixties and early seventies. The 2024 release of Northern Soul features three brand new songs from Fiachra Trench. Together Levine and Trench sold twelve million records in the 1980s and after 35 years they are bringing the sizzle back into the lives of every Northern Soul fan! This album is a treasure box of 24 tracks including new recordings from The Flirtations, Jimmy Helms, Angelo Starr, Pat Lewis, Sidney Barnes, Nat Augustin and Lorraine Silver.

Since 1975 – nearly 50 years ago – Ian Levine has written and produced more than 2500 songs, pioneering the 80s High Energy sound, writing the million-selling anthem of that genre, reuniting more than 100 former Motown artists for his Motorcity project in the late 80s and producing boy bands like Take That, Blue and Bad Boys Inc.

Returning to his Northern Soul-roots, Levine has amassed 40 pop hits in the UK. Undoubtedly, since the BBC did Northern Soul at the Proms, the music is now more popular than ever. So get down to the dance floor and enjoy this sizzling collection of vintage and brand new Northern Soul talent.

Track Listing:
1. The Flirtations: Moving At The Go-Go -   2. Lorraine Silver: One Week At A Time -   3. Elliot Zimmerman: Trapped In Stormy Weather -   4. Sharon McMahan: Moving On -   5. Venicia Wilson: Luckie -   6. Jennifer Dee: On The Horizon -   7. Tahira Jumah: Face Behind The Mask -   8. Angelo Starr: Drown In My Own Tears -   9. Sidney Barnes: Dancing On The Weekend -   10. Richie Sampson: Lay Down My Defences -   11. The Concentrations: Sandcastles -   12. Earnestine Pearce: Eyes On The Target -   13. Pat Lewis: Misunderstood -   14. Tahira Jumah: Suffer In Silence -    15. The Flirtations: Queen On A Throne -   16. Lorraine Silver: Fever Raging Out Of Control -   17. Elliot Zimmerman: Heading Up North -   18. Angelo Starr: Another Lonely Christmas -   19. Jimmy Helms: My Heart Is Helpless -   20. Nat Augustin: Whenever You Need Someone -   21. Venicia Wilson: I Can’t Stop This Feeling -   22. Jennifer Dee: Endless Possibilities -   23. The Concentrations: Playing The Part Of A Fool -   24. Pat Lewis: Just A Little Appreciation -

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