Various – Hi Strung R&B – Volume 1 – Rock House


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"Koko Mojo Records anthology Hi Strung R&B is a series of albums each containing twenty eight captivating black rockers, which have a jive or stroll tempo. As always the name Koko Mojo Records is synonymous with quality and our reputation sells the products, and you know it will be a killer diller series." The Koko Mojo Records series of albums are designed for optimum listening pleaser, for dancing, and can additionally be considered as an instant Dee Jay collection. The vibrant series mixes rhythm and blues rockers with spirited doo-wop movers with comprising up-tempo jive tunes and each album contains some lady-pleasing stroll tempo rockers.  The albums are artfully mixed to place well-known artists and lesser-known but equally good performers together to enhance the listening experience. You get quality sound and due to our regular customer base, you know what to expect. The listed artists and songs are a taster from each of the albums to whet your musical appetite. Some artists you will know, and others will be relatively unknown, there are a plethora of original songs and some extremely interesting cover versions that will capture the attention of people.

Track Listing:
Jimmy Breedlove: 1. Whole Lot-Ta Shakin' Goin' On -   Stomp Gordon: 2. Damp Rag -   Bill Harvey's and Orch. with Bonita Cole: 3. Walk Right In -   The Wanderers: 4. Heh Mae Ethel -   Big Maybelle: 5. Rock House -   5 Johnson Bros.: 6. Happy Rock And Roll -   Billy Bland: 7. Grandmaw Gave A Party -   Chris Kenner: 8. Don't Make No Noise -   Brother Woodman with Al Smith and The Savoys: 9. Lovin' Man -   Willie Eggins: 10. Wow Wow -   The Spiders: 11. I Didn't Want To Do It -   Jackie Wilson: 12. Why Can't You Be Mine -   Joe Liggins and His Honeydrippers: 13. Frankie Lee -   Michael Clark: 14. None Of These Girls -   Bobby Day: 15. The Bluebird, The Buzzard, And The Oriole -   Ernie Freeman: 16. Rockin' Red Wing -   Mabel Lee with Tee Joe's Orch.: 17. He's My Guy -   Chuck Berry: 18. Let It Rock -   The Keynotes: 19. I Don't Know -   Charlie White and The Playboys: 20. Honeybun -   Little Esther and Mel Walker with Johnny Otis: 21. Cupid's Boogie -   Big Boy Myles and The Sha-Wees: 22. That Girl I Married -   Billy Robbins: 23. Bring Her Back To Me -   Castaleers lead Richard Jones: 24. My Hi-Fi Baby -   The Wonders: 25. Bop-Bop-Baby -   Frank Brunson: 26. How Ya Gonna Live -   Herbie Cox: 27. Leave My Woman Alone -   Chuck Higgins: 28. The Duck Walk -