Babx & La Maîtrise Populaire De L’opera Comique – La Marche Des Enfants


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After a year of work and studio sessions, Babx and the children of La Maîtrise Populaire unveil an album entitled "La Marche des Enfants". La Marche des Enfants consists of 11 tracks composed by Babx and sung by the choir of the Maîtrise Populaire de l'Opéra-Comique, in response to International Children's Day (20 November) and the current activisation of a young generation that faces an uncertain future and climate change.
This manifesto by and for today's children joins the fight being waged by young people around the world through movements such as the School Strike for Climate and Never Again MSD, to name but two. At stake are education, heritage, civic commitment and social inclusion.
Principally based on poems by the English poet William Blake, Babx's score also draws upon the American writer James Baldwin, as well as Pasolini. With multicultural influences including gospel, incantation and lullaby, the 11 tracks feature five musicians (cello, double bass, clarinet, percussion and piano, played by the composer himself) and 48 children and teenagers from La Maîtrise Populaire.

Track Listing:
1. 0uverture - 7:02   2. I have no name - 3:51   3. Mistero - 3:40   4. the little boy lost - 4:42   5. Chaos - 1:25   6. choeur de souffles - 1:19   7. a cradle song (Berceuse) -   2:31 8. Danse - 1:08   9. o earth - 4:56   10. Paradise - 5:26   11. joy is my name - 1:49