Nick Gravenites & Pete Sears – Rogue Blues


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Recorded in 2022 and 2023, Rogue Blues features special guests Charlie Musselwhite, Jimmy Vivino, Barry Sless, Wally Ingram, and Lester Chambers of The Chamber Brothers. Pete Sears co-produced the record and is featured throughout. Renowned illustrator Thomas Yeates designed the cover and photo art and is also a co-producer. The record features 7 songs many never released.

Track Listing:
1. Poor Boy (feat. Charlie Musselwhite) - 2:27   2. Blues Singers (feat. Jimmy Vivino) - 3:08   3. Left Hand Soul (feat. Lester Chambers of the Chamber Brothers) - 5:04   4. Blackberry Jam (feat. Lester Chambers of the Chamber Brothers) - 2:58   5. Blues Bake Off Of Me (feat. Charlie Musselwhite, Jimmy Vivino) - 4:52   6. Brown Paper Bag (feat. Jimmy Vivino) - 5:02   7. What Time Is It (feat. Barry Sless) - 4:00

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