Daniel Kahn – Bulat Blues


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On his new album BULAT BLUES Daniel Kahn devotes himself to the "Georges Brassens of the Soviet Union", Bulat Okudzhava, in new, own adaptations in English and a touch of Russian. Daniel Kahn is accompanied by the virtuoso Moscow musician Vanya Zhuk on the Russian 7-string guitar.

The Georgian-Armenian Muscovite Bulat Shalvovich Okudzhava (1924-1997), the spiritual father of all Russian singer-songwriters, is almost unanimously revered in Russia and the post-Soviet diaspora. His songs, which come from his experiences as a soldier, pacifist, poet and novelist of the Second World War, are deeply human. When Okudzhava privately performed them in the 1950s, he almost single-handedly invented the figure of the modern Russian guitar bard.

Track Listing:
1. Prayer - 3:29 2. Three Sisters - 3:39   3. Honorable Madam - 2:35   4. Historical Novel - 3:30   5. Georgian Song - 3:36   6. Busking Vagabond - 3:03   7. Song of My Life - 2:16   8. Paper Soldier - 1:38   9. Sentimental March - 2:05   10. To Friends - 2:10   11. Two Lives - 3:52   12. Ragged Coat - 1:58   13. Midnight Trolley - 3:24

Daniel Kahn (voice, 6-string guitars, accordion, harmonica) , Vanya Zhuk (7-string Russian Roma guitar, electric bass guitar)

Recorded April-May 2018 at Sternstaub Studios, Berlin
Produced, engineered, edited, and mixed by Thomas Stern
Mastered by Doug Henderson, micro-moose-berlin

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