The Dan Page Group – Glow

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Awesome guitar, song writing and voice! If you like Stevie Ray Vaughn and hard rockin' blues, you will love this CD! Every single cut on this CD is electrifying -- from traditional blues to rockin' blues. This album marks a promising career in blues for an amazing 20-year-old guitarist from Washington. He mixes traditional blues with a modern blend of his own, with catchy songs such as "I Ain't Thinking" and "Mine All Mine"; Dan's guitar licks in these songs blow a guy away. "The instrumental "El Gato" has some Joe Satriani influences and is radiantly beautiful, while the song "TV Screen" was chosen for use in the full length Motion Picture "I'll Be Here 'Till I Leave. Pure blues pleasure!

Track Listing:
1. I Ain’t Thinkin’ -   2. Let Me Love You Baby -   3. Miss Me A Little -   4. Kindle Your Fire -   5. Stop Breaking Down Blues -   6. Mine All Mine -   7. Closet Door -   8. Killing Floor -   9. El Gato! -   10. Looked My Way -   11. Right Wrong Reason -   12. T.V. Screen -


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