Slave – The Funk Strikes Back

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Track Listing:
1. Intro - 2:56   2. Hangin' Out - 4:55   3. She's Just That Kinda Girl - 4:25   4. Just a Little Bit A-Love - 4:54   5. Barbara Jean Blvd. - 4:54   6. So So Good - 3:39   7. Spending Time Watching Ladies - 4:26   8. Love It or Leave It - 3:55   9. Gimmie Just a Little Bit Mo - 3:49   10. I Won't Stop - 4:07

Mark Antone Adams (vocals, bass, keyboards) , Mark Hicks (guitar, vocals) , Lord Howard Hertz (keyboards) , Dave Ferguson (trumpet) , Brian Lopez (alto sax) , Stephanie Wright (vocals) ,


1. Amazon - Customer Reviews - Maria J - November 14, 2002
I just purchased this CD-along with the Slave 88,Rebirth, & Masters Of The Fungk CDs and it took me nearly a year to get my hands on this CD and all the others as well 'cuz they're all out of print. I'd like to say that it was well worth the wait & money. I now have all 15 of Slave's albums on LPs,Cassettes,& CDs and their music has never failed to astonish me. This CD,released in late 1992/early 1993 shows that Slave could still funk with the best of them-Actually, they're the Greatest of Them All as far as funk goes. Their music still contained high levels of energy as evident on the song selection of this CD. The "Intro" proves that Slave's original brand of funk was still Bad Enuff to satisfy hardcore Funk Fans. The single,"She's Just That Kinda Girl" is a playful,Uptempo Funk Romp which features yet another one of Mr. Mark Adams' Instantly Recognizable Bass Lines and Luscious,Sexy Vocals courtesy of Keith Nash,who also gives up some funky drumming on this track with the addition of some rhythm guitar to lock in the Groove and the Keyboards playing in the background are cool. Another great track is "Just a Little Bit A-Love" which is down right funky; It includes an Ambitious Horn Riff & an Ultra-Funky Guitar Break in the middle of the song. One of my favorites from The Funk Strikes Back is "Spending Time Watching Ladies"- it comes complete with a Thumping Drum Beat provided by Keith Nash and some serious guitar licks,and of course a strong bass line by Mark Adams that's guaranteed to Smack the Funk into your body. "Love It Or Leave It" is also a great listen- Danny Webster's Suave & Silky Vocals lace that song and Mark Adams cooks up a Finger-Popping Bass Line,once again-the Man's UnStoppable! "I Won't Stop" is a sexually-enticing yet slamming laid-back jam that features some Tantalizing Lead Vocals and a Solid & Steady Drum Line from Keith Nash,and a rocking guitar rhythm to go along with it. Also, I'd like to add that the songs on this Cd have some really Creative KeyBoard Work,Some Real Slick Sounds On the Keys. This CD is awesome because it accentuates a very important ingredient of Slave's Musical Sound & Style- The Rhythm Section(Guitar,Bass,& Drums)played by Mark "Drac" Hicks,Danny Webster,Mark L. Adams and Keith Nash. Slave's Stellar rhythm section had the Groove Locked from the very start! Slave could really throwdown! Well, I suppose I better finish this up- so I'll say that after listening to this CD, I'm convinced that Slave is a Musical Organization in Funk that NO Band can touch and that my stereo system will ALWAYS be pumping out Slave Jams! If you are among Slave's die-hard fans,and I am, then you have to check this CD out!