Katherine Davis and the Chicago Boogie Ensemble – Rock This House

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Katherine Davis and the Chicago Boogie Ensemble will rock your house with this high-voltage captivating performance recorded live in Chicago on January 29th, 2006. Blues diva Katherine Davis is joined by legendary musicians Erwin Helfer, John Brumbach and John Whitfield and three special guest artists: soul master and baritone saxophonist Willie Henderson, and two second generation Chicago blues artists - guitarist Lurrie Bell and drummer Kenny Smith. You’ll get up and dance while listening to this energetic and magical performance! 

Track Listing:
1. Watermelon Man - 6:24   2. Rock This House - 5:59   3. Sweet Lotus Blossum - 7:11   4. Spoken Intro - Too Many for Me - 0:30   5. Need a Little Sugar In My Bowl - 6:26   6. Going Fishing - 6:45   7. Spoken Intro - E.h. Way - 0:52   8. Make Me a Pallet On the Floor - 6:16   9. You Got to Know How - 3:26   10. Way Back Home - 5:56   11. Never Make a Move Too Soon - 9:39   12. Romance In the Dark - 7:06

Katherine Davis (vocals) , Erwin Helfer (piano) , John Whitfield (bass) , John Brumbach (tenor saxophone) , Willie Henderson (baritone saxophone) , Lurrie Bell (guitar) , Kenny Smith (drums) 

About the Artist:
Katherine Davis grew up in Chicago, and began performing in 1979. Although she initially wanted to sing opera, her musical interests shifted to blues, jazz, and theater. Katherine is an entertaining performer. She has recently written and starred in an autobiographical theater production entitled “I Dream in Blues.” In Nina Metz’s Chicago Tribune theater review on February 10, 2006 she described Davis’ performance as one that “… pulls you in with her haunting sweetness and utter lack of pretension.” When Katherine is not performing, she is happily teaching the blues to children in Chicagoland public schools. Blues diva Katherine Davis was joined by legendary musicians Erwin Helfer, John Brumbach and John Whitfield. The four Ensemble performers have played together in Chicago since 1985, and toured Europe in 1996 and 2001. Although they come from different musical backgrounds, in combination they blend the best of their individual talents to create an awesome and inspiring sound. The Chicago Boogie Ensemble performed with three special guest musicians on this disc: Willie Henderson, a soulful, baritone saxophonist who has worked with Jackie Wilson; Lurrie Bell, a premier guitarist that has made numerous recordings and son of harmonica veteran Cary Bell; and Kenny Smith, an exciting drummer and son of Willie “Big Eyes” Smith, longtime drummer for Muddy Waters.


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