James Taylor – Live In New York ’74 – 2CD


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In April of 1974, with his new album completed, Taylor took to the road for a four-week tour to promote 'Walking Man', which would be released that June. Building on the monumental hallmark albums 'Sweet Baby James', 'Mud Slide Slim' and 'One Man Dog', the album showed Taylor embracing electric instrumentation more than ever before. Accompanied by outstanding musicians, he began selling out large venues across North America. The two final nights of this tour would be held at the prestigious Carnegie Hall in New York City where the audience was spoiled with vintage songs from his first two albums, guest appearances and an inspired overview of an already esteemed back catalogue. This timeless quality has served Taylor well and this show displays exactly why his music endures, and why he justifiably remains a cornerstone of the singer-songwriter genre. TimeLine proudly presents the entire original King Biscuit Flower Hour broadcast of James Taylor, live from Carnegie Hall, NY on 26th May 1974.
Professionally re-mastered original FM broadcast with background liners and rare archival photos.

Track Listing:

1. King Biscuit (Intro) -   2. You Can Close Your Eyes -   3. Riding on a Railroad -   4. Blossom -   5. Long Ago and Far Away -   6. Sunshine Sunshine -   7. Me and My Guitar -   8. Walkin' on a Country Road -   9. You've Got a Friend -   10. The Promised Land -   11. Migration -   12. Let It All Fall Down -

1. Brighten Your Night With My Day -   2. One Man Parade -   3. Anywhere Like Heaven -   4. Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight -   5. Fire and Rain -   6. You're the One (That I Adore) -   7. Rock & Roll Is Music Now -   8. Mockingbird -   9. Ain't No Song -   10. Sweet Baby James -

James Taylor (guitar, piano, vocals) , Hugh McCracken (guitar, harmonica) , David Spinoza (guitar) , Andy Muson (bass) , Don Grolnick (keyboards) , Rick Moratta (drums, percussion) , John Faddis / Alan Rubin (trumpet) , Barry Rogers (trombone) , George Yound (alto sax) , Frank Vacari (tenor sax) , Kenny Berger (baritone sax) , Howard Jones (tuba) , Carly Simon (vocals) , Peter AZsher (vocals) 

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