The Big Blue – Turn The Page

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The Big Blue are among the forerunners of the "new" blues image. Vocalist/guitarist/frontman, Stuart Bligh, admits to being a huge Stevie Ray Vaughan fan. Following in the SRV tradition, The Big Blue take pure, Classic Blues music and inject it with a raw excitement. Stuart has been compared, by press and enthusiastic fans alike, with Hendrix as well as SRV but he plays down such grandiose comparisons. "We're just keeping the blues tradition alive. We try to be authentic. If other influences creep in, well that's just how we distinguish ourselves from the next blues band out there." This is definitely one action-packed set that should not be overlooked.

Track Listing:
1. You Talk Too Much -   2. Guitar Hurricane -   3. Tired of You -   4. She's My Angel -   5. I Do -   6. Turn The Page -   

Stuart Bligh (guitar, vocals) , Andy Gill (bass) , Dave Pearce (drums)