Tucker Zimmerman Trio – Dust In The Rising Wind – Trio I


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Nicolas played his guitar, Jack played his bass, I played my 12-string – and we became a TRIO.
I wrote the songs and sang them. I wrote the poems and Marie-Claire helped me recite them with Nicolas providing original music for both of us. Martin showed up with his string quartet, Maxime recorded it all – and we created this album. We had a great time doing it too. Abi came over with her camera and took the photos in this booklet. More good times.

I call TRIO an informal symphony. With a theme: I-VI-IV-V. And out in the wheat fields, the windmills are turning. I ride my bike under them and stop to listen to the blades spin thru the air, humming harmonics, chasing near-silence away, then pausing to let silence slide back in. A gentle gasp of breath. At sundown, I ride thru a door into another world framed by the long shadows of the spinning blades as they sweep across the road. In the deep dark of night, I ride thru another open door into another world created by the dim red glow of the windmill’s blinking lights cast upon the ground from the tops of their towers.

This album is dedicated to the memory of Garrett List

Tucker Zimmerman

Track Listing:
1. Dust In The Rising Wind - 3:59   2. Kick The Can - 4:27   3. Thin Wail Waltz - 2:14   4. I Get Ideas - 4:32   5. Losing Things - 0:44   6. Waltzing In 4/4 Time - 4:36   7. Ubiquity - 4:53   8. Everybody’s Biography - 0:51   9. Anon - 1:12   10. Karma Karaoke - 8:54   11. Undertow Lowtide - 2:15   12. Blind Thief - 2:49   13. Butterfly - 2:33   14. River Tech - 0:25   15. Jessicahelenmary - 2:56   16. It's Life, It’s Love - 6:31   17. From Chuang Tzu’s Butterfly To Zach’s Mandalay And This Point On - 0:11

Tucker Zimmerman (vocals, 12-string guitar , trombone on 3 , dulcimer and piano on 8 , harmonica on 11 , vibraphone on 13) , Nicolas Dechêne (guitars) , Jack Thysen (bass) , Marie-Claire (voice on 5 & 14) , Martin Lauwers (violin on 11)

Words and Music by Tucker Zimmerman, copyright control SABAM (Belgium) 2024.
except Anon: Words by Tucker Zimmerman, Music by Nicolas Dechêne.

Maxime Wathieu recorded and mixed all tracks at Wood Studio, Chênée (Liége), Belgium from February to November 2023
Mastering by Kristof Maes at his Closed Session Studio in Roeselare, Belgium
Robin Van Oyen designed the cover of this box, the albums and the booklet

The lyrics of these song can be found on www.tuckerzimmerman.com


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