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1. Reconciliation   2. Tatties   3. Ready For The Storm   4. Banjo   5. Cave   6. Brolum   7. How Long   8. Paddys   9. Rocky 5

Duncan Chisholm (fiddle, sequencer) , David Foster (bass, drums, sequencer, vocal on 7, backing vocal on 3) , Roger Niven (lead, electric, rhythm guitar, acoustic guitar on 7) , Stuart Eaglesham  (rhythm guitar, vocal on 3) , Struan Eaglesham (piano, keyboards) , Iain MacDonald (pipes, whistle, flute) , Gavin Marwick (fiddel on 6) , Kelly Foster (backing vocals on 3) 


1. Amazon.com - Top Customer Reviews - By Thomas F. Hoey on October 3, 2009 - 5.0 out of 5 stars
Worth the treasure huntThis cd is well worth a multi year search for any lover of Wolfstone or contemporary Celtic Music. My guess is this and Wolfstone II are locked up in some esoteric and anti-artistic copyright vault; whatever the reasons for their unavailability, this music deserves to be available to Wolfstone lovers wherever we are, and Wolfstone deserves to be hear praises and requests and encore by their fans. I wish I could find the lyrics to "How Long," an incredible tune. They seem to be as difficult to find as the cds themselves. Is chomh maith 's chomh h-alainn a bhfuil le chloisteail ar an disc seo le h-amhran no tiun ar bith eile ar thug Wolfstone riamh.  - Tom Hoey   - Minneapolis
PS An dtiocfaidh sibh riamh anseo go Minnesota? Will you ever come to Minnesota?

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