Liz Mandville Greeson – Back In Love Again

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Back In Love Again, Liz's third Earwig album, is her autobiography of romance, self-penned tunes that comment on the roller coaster ride of love. While rooted in the blues genre, the recordings demonstrate Liz's stylistic versatilityhard-hitting blues, Americana, R&B, swing and sensual ballads. Carrying on the tradition of the classic blues singer, she engages the listener with humor and risque innuendo. This Chicago diva is a powerhouse-a soul-drenched singer, songwriter and show-woman!

Track Listing:
1. Soul Tender - 3:08   2. Juicehead Man - 5:01   3. All Alone - 5:12   4. The Gift - 4:01   5. Face the Music - 5:13   6. Back in Love Again - 5:49   7. For Real - 3:00   8. Johnny and Me - 4:33   9. The Night Thing - 5:57   10. All My Love - 4:49   11. Lip Service - 3:33   12. Broken-Hearted Fool - 4:14   13. Shine Clear with Joy - 2:03

Liz Mandville Greeson (lead vocals, acoustic guitar on 1,3,4,7,8,9,12, washboard on 11) , Phil Baron (piano on 4,7,10,11, Hammond B3 organ on 1) , Allen Batts (piano on 5,8,12) , Billy Branch (harmonica on 2,6,8) , Tom Culver (cello on 4) , Mike Gibb (lead guitar on 1,2,3,6,7,8,9,10, Hammond B3 organ on 3,5,6,9,12) , Dave Kaye (bass) , Sonny Seals (tenor saxophone on 9) , Twist Turner (drums) , Mark Wydra (lead guitar on 4,5,11,12) , Hank Ford (tenor saxophone) , Bill McFarland (trombone) , Kenny Anderson (trumpet) , Ann Bridges, Bruce Thompson, Del Brown, Precious Jewel (backing vocals)


1. AllMusic - Scott Yanow
Liz Mandville Greeson is a talented, soulful, and versatile singer. Blues-based and at her best in that idiom, she can also sing with the ferocious passion of Janis Joplin, she leads a gospel-style a cappella group on "Shine Clear with Joy," and she straddles the boundaries between blues, R&B, country, and folk, with doses of rock here and there. Even more impressive is that she wrote all 13 of the songs on Back in Love Again. Joined by a crack backup group, Liz Mandville Greeson puts on a colorful and memorable show throughout this recommended set.

2. Living Blues
Liz Mandville Greeson spent the late 1980s running up and down the road with her R&B band the Supernaturals. She played thousands of gigs, from smoky biker bars to swanky theatres, casinos to yacht clubs, honing her musical chops and crowd-pleasing skills. In 1994, a chance meeting with bassist Aron Burton led to Liz' subsequent performance with him at the 1994 Chicago Blues fest, two tracks on his 1996 Earwig release, "Aron Burton Live", and a long-standing performing relationship. "Live" also marked Liz's recording debut and the beginning of her professional association with Earwig Music Company. Liz holds the distinction of being the only white vocalist to perform regularly at the internationally known Blue Chicago nightclubs, where she held court from 1994 to 1999. Backed by former Junior Wells bandleader George Baze, Liz contributed two tracks to the 1998 Blue Chicago release, "The Red Hot Mamas". While at Blue Chicago, Liz had the opportunity to work with a veritable who's who of contemporary blues men: Willie Kent, Michael Coleman and Maurice John Vaughn, among others. Albert Collins' alumni, Aron Burton (bass), Allen Batts (keys), and Dave Jefferson, (longtime Albert King drummer), made up Liz' rhythm section for the latter part of the 1990s, and played on her first two CDs released by Earwig Music Company of Chicago. On stage it's magic! Hip shakin' Liz gets the crowd dancing with the first blast of her powerful, four octave, soul-drenched voice. She is a high voltage performer and a red hot mama. She is also solid as an acoustic and electric guitar player and her rub board playing adds a spicy back-porch feel. Equally at home in an intimate club setting or on a festival stage, she is a total professional, on time and in control! She continues to tour internationally to critical acclaim, gaining new many devoted fans at each show. She also has a large amount of recorded material and is looking at releasing one or two more albums in the near future. Quotes"Brassy, sassy singer with a knack for writing spicy, blues flavored songs that can rock and rollick." -Blues Revue"She delivers...with unimpeachable enthusiasm and lusty gusto. Look at her indeed."

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