The Seldom Scene – Like We Used To Be

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Track Listing:
1. Grandpa Get Your Guitar - 2:54   2. Let Me Be Your Friend - 2:45   3. Like I Used To Do - 4:06   4. Highway Of Pain - 3:46   5. Cheap Whiskey - 3:46   6. Philadelphia Lawyer - 3:26   7. Almost Threw Your Love Away - 3:56   8. The Other Side Of Town - 2:59   9. She's More To Be Pitied - 3:01   10. Heaven's Green Fields - 2:49   11. I've Come To Take You Home - 3:09   12. I'll Remember You Love In My Prayers - 3:04   13. Some Morning Soon - 3:36

John Duffey (guitar, mandolin, vocals), John Starling (guitar, vocals) , Mike Auldridge (steel guitar, dobro, vocals) , T. Michael Coleman (bass, guitar, percussion, vocals) , Ben Eldridge (banjo, guitar)


1. AllMusic - Ronnie Lankford
John Starling re-joined the Seldom Scene in 1994 to record an album that recalled the groups first lineup from 1971-1977 (minus bass player Tom Gray). Starling's vocals on "Grandpa Get Your Guitar" and "Almost Threw Your Love Away" carry the same solid smoothness of the early years. He also sings his share of sad songs of love lost and lives wasted as in "Like I Used to Do" and "Cheap Whiskey." the Seldom Scene have always shown a willingness to choose material from folk, country, and rock. The difference here is that the songs are quieter, drawing equally from folk and traditional bluegrass. The biggest difference though between Like We Used to Be and an earlier effort like Act 1 is that the former seems conservative in comparison, and conservative was never a word associated with the Seldom Scene. Perhaps this is due to the quieter material chosen for Like We Used to Be; but it is also due to how much bluegrass has changed because of the influence of groups like the Seldom Scene. Duffey's lead vocals also seems weaker and less resonant than on past efforts. Little of this will matter for fans of the original line-up: Starling's return after 17 years has been greatly awaited. They will hear the sweet harmony of a uniquely structured song like "Some Morning Soon" and know that it sounds a whole lot like old times. For fans of the Seldom Scene as well as fans of good bluegrass, this recording will represent a solid, pleasing effort.

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