The Savoy-Doucet Band – The Best Of The Savoy-Doucet Band

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The Savoy-Doucet Cajun Band is: Marc Savoy - accordion and vocals; Ann Savoy - guitar and vocals; and Michael Doucet - fiddle and vocals. 
Three amazing musicians recorded over the course of 22 years, on one CD... Combining the solid, traditional accordion work of Marc Savoy with the acoustic fireworks of Michael Doucet (of BeauSoleil fame) and the lilting guitar and vocals of Ann Savoy (who recently had three tracks on the soundtrack of The Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood).
The Savoy-Savoy Doucet Cajun Band makes traditional Cajun music that is lively, enjoyable, and celebrates the joys of uncomplicated, everday life.

Track Listing:
1. Quelle Etoile (Which Star) - 3:24   2. La Valse de Vachers (The Cowboy Waltz) - 4:19   3. Perrodin Two-Step - 4:29   4. The Kaplan Waltz - 4:05   5. Chère Bassette - 2:59   6. One-Step de Chameau - 4:02   7. Jolies Joues Roses (Pretty Pink Cheeks) - 3:47   8. Happy One Step - 1:37   9. Reno Waltz - 3:42   10. Port Arthur Blues - 3:23   11. Attention, C'est Mon Coeur Qui Va Casser (Be Careful, You're ...) - 4:18   12. Amédé Two-Step (Two Step for Amédé Ardoin) - 5:32   13. Lawtell Waltz - 3:41   14. La Valse du Malchanceux (The Unlucky Waltz) - 5:16   15. Lapin Dans Son Nique (Rabbit in Its Nest) - 4:21   16. She Made Me Lose My Mind - 3:16   17. 'Tits Yeux Noirs (Little Black Eyes) - 3:53   18. Le Gros Guime a Sam (Sam's Big Rooster) - 4:00   19. Good-Bye, Yeux Bruns (Good-Bye, Brown Eyes) - 2:52


1. Dirty Linen - Paul-Emile Comeau 
“For the Savoy-Doucte Cajun Band, mainstream needn't have ever occurred. Their accordio/fiddle/guitar lineup has warded off amplification, modernization, and cross-genre diversification for the past 22 years (despite some members feeding contemporary cravings on the side via the crossover band BeauSoleil or the recent Evangeline Made dics). While regionalized musics of yesterday are today submitting more and more to the promiscuous temptation of stylistic co-mingling (Cajun music included), this trio sticks to their traditionalist vow of celibacy. Or, as succinctly put by the band: "We are regressive rather that progressive." Marc Savoy (accordion, vocals), wife Ann (guitar, frequent lead vocals), and Michael Doucet (fiddle, vocals) are today's old-world masters, as were mentoring heroes like Dennis McGee, D.L. Menard, Lionel LeLeux, and Austin Pitre before them. Very danceable proof resides in this "Best Of," with songs that hark back to another era or pre-aged originals that wish they did. Billowing fiddle and steel-belted accordion telepathically devetail and then instigate solo breaks that dart above crosscut guitar vamps. These "live" and studio performances sport the same natural spontaneity and spirited freedom as those Saturday morning jams at the Savoy's Music Center in Enice, LA. Waltzes revolve in circular beauty, one- and two-steps leave clouds of dust (an unstoppable live "Amede Two Step" included), and blues drip melancholy (like "Pretty Pink Cheeks"). And so tradition is safe in these preservationist hands, with as pure an all-acoustic, all-Cajun French vision of Acadian music as you'll find in the 21st century.”

2. AllMusic - Adam Greenberg
This Savoy-Doucet Cajun Band greatest-hits compilation was culled from four previous albums on Arhoolie. The performers are the undisputed masters of Cajun music, as one familiar with the genre already knows prior to picking up the album. It's generally a loping bit of work on some vaguely scratchy fiddle tunes, with the constant strum from Ann Savoy in the background. Marc Savoy's accordion work is perhaps some of the most outstanding Cajun accordion one will hear, though it's relatively rare for him to go out on a major solo run here, preferring to stick with the other players more often. On the whole, it's an entirely worthwhile album for fans of the genre or of the group, as the bandmembers work through a number of old songs from the traditional books and the old masters of the genre, as well as a few slightly newer numbers written to sound like the old forms. This is music more complex than the Savoys can make on their own, and out of the comfort zone for Michael Doucet's usual ventures with Beausoleil. Pick it up for a nice look at the work that the Savoys have done alongside Doucet, and a nice overview of the old Cajun forms, both slow and quick.


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