Pillac – Nervous Breakdown

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Pillac is one of those select few French artists capable of breathing new life into the blues heritage. The outstanding quality of his work is the result of ten years of ardent labor, the fruit of Xavier Pillac’s total commitment to an art form the Blues Muse lay at his feet at an early age. Pillac mixes blues, funk and soul (in full horn regalia) with astonishing savvy in this self-titled opus. An essential album for all blues aficionados.

Track Listing:
1. Never Make Your Move Too Soon - 4:40   2. Nervous Breakdown - 3:59   3. I’ve Been Down - 5:43   4. Skipping Like A Stone - 4:25   5. Life Is Hard - 6:42   6. I’ve Had Enough - 4:25   7. Givin’ It Up For Your Love - 5:24   8. You Can Stay But The Noise Must Go - 3:53   9. Housekeepin’ Blues - 5:06   10. Fonk You - 5:02

Xavier Pillac - led vocals, guitars, dobro) , Cedric Le Goff (Hammond B3, Rhodes, Wurlitzer, backing vocals) , Alain Baudry (drums, percussion, backing vocals) , Antoine Escalier (bass, backing vocals) , Vincent Aubert (trombone) , Sylvain Fetis (saxophones) , Franck Bougier (trumpet)


1. - 2013.11.04
Banda de blues contemporáneo, moderno y eléctrico con fuertes dosis de funk y un más que aceptable sonido. Este grupo francés está formado por Xavier Pillac, que lidera la banda, como puede verse por el nombre del grupo, a la guitarra y voz solista, Cedric Le Goff, Hammond B-3, piano Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzer y coros, Alain Baudry, batería, percusión y coros y Antone Escalier, bajo y coros. A ellos se suman una estupenda sección de vientos en algunas canciones, formada por Vincent Aubert trombón, Sylvain Fetis saxos tenor y barítono y Franck Bougier trompeta. La banda interpreta diez cortes excelentes, realizados con unos unos tempos, una frescura y una intensidad impecables. Actualmente Pillac son uno de los platos fuertes del blues francés, ya que dominan bien la escena y hacen de su música una referencia lúdica para todos los buenos aficionados del país galo. A lo largo del disco hay momentos sobresalientes y gloriosos, incluso me atrevería a decir que perdurarán por mucho tiempo en la mente y el corazón del oyente. BUENISIMO. 

Here comes a contemporary, fashionable electric blues band with strong doses of funk music and more than an acceptable sound. This French group musicians are Xavier Pillac, who leads the band and gives his name to it, on guitar and main vocals, Cédric Le Goff, on Hammond B-3, Fender Rhodes piano, Wurlitzer and backing vocals, Alain Baudry on drums, percussion and backing vocals and Antone Escalier, bass and backing vocals. They have also included a great horn section in some tracks, with Vincent Aubert trombone, Sylvain Fétis, tenor and baritone sax and Franck Bougier trumpet. The band plays ten excellent cuts with a faultless tempo and a cool intensity. Now Pillac have become one of the French blues highlights, because they control the French scene and his music is a new playful cultural reference to all good fans in France. You will find are quite splendid outstanding moments in this album that will last for a long time into listerns minds. GREAT.