Various – Cool Blue Outlaws – Songs Of Rogues, Rascals And Rapscallions

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Track Listing:
Lonesome Standard Time: 1. Bandit - 2:25   Peter Rowan: 2. Ruby Ridge - 2:25   Dudley Connell & Don Rigsby: 3. Hollis Brown - 4:32   Ronnie Bowman: 4. Jailhouse Blues - 1:57   Bad Livers: 5. Captain, Oh Captain - 5:23   The Country Gentlemen: 6. River Bottom - 3:04   Aubrey Haynie: 7. Doin' My Time - 4:33   The Lonesome River Band: 8. Willow Garden - 3:11   Sam Bush: 9. The Ballad of Spider John - 4:24   The Nashville Bluegrass Band: 10. Open Pit Mine - 3:04   Doc Watson & Richard Watson: 11. Columbus Stockade Blues - 3:32   Jim Mills: 12. Poor Ellen Smith - 2:30   The Seldom Scene: 13. Philadelphia Lawyer - 3:27   Jerry Douglas & Peter Rowan: 14. Girl in the Blue Velvet Band - 3:49   The Nashville Bluegrass Band: 15. Blackbird & Crows - 2:56   Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver: 16. In the Gravel Yard - 3:06


1. AllMusic - Jesse Jarnow
If most labels threw together a compilation of their bluegrass artists, assigned it some loose theme, and released it, it'd be a pretty easy call to point a fat finger at them and scream that they were cashing in on the success of O Brother, Where Art Thou?. And it still might be possible to do that. But most labels aren't Sugar Hill Records, and -- as such -- most compilations wouldn't contain the boundary-defining likes of Peter Rowan, Bad Livers, Sam Bush, Jerry Douglas, Doc Watson, the Seldom Scene, Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver, and others. Sure, Cool, Blue Outlaws: Songs of Rogues, Rascales & Rapscallions is little more than a sampler, the concept a bit flimsy, but the wares it presents are fine and pure. In a genre where individual songs usually speak louder than albums, there's certainly nothing wrong with checking out compilations. The song selection isn't too surprising, but the performances are stellar. Cool, Blue Outlaws is worth checking out for bluegrass newbies or veterans who just happen to be in the mood for this particular collection of artists.

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