Redd Volkaert – For The Ladies


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1. No Stranger to a Tele - 2:28   2. She Loves Anything That Swings - 5:27   3. T'Wango - 3:30   4. You're Still on My Mind - 3:15   5. The Buck Stops Here - 2:47   6. Truck Drivin' Man - 3:44   7. Home in San Antone - 3:08   8. Chee-Z - 2:12   9. Back to Back - 2:56   10. Breakneck - 2:35   11. It's a Minor Thing - 4:45   12. Telewacker - 3:26

Redd Volkaert (vocals, guitar) , Bill Kirchen (vocals, guitar) , Dallas Wayne (vocals, guitar) , Norm Hamlet (steelguitar) , Joe Goldmark (steel guitar, vocals) , Billy "T" Donahue (bass, backing vocals) , Johnny Castle (bass, backing vocals) , Johnnie Barber (drums) , Jack O'Dell (drums, backing vocals) , Floyd Domino (piano) , …


1. AllMusic - Thom Jurek
For the Ladies is a Redd Volkaert retrospective that proves not only that Redd is a smoking picker, but given that it's the latest in a line of these from High Tone, offers further proof of just how lazy this label has become. The bulk of the material is culled from only two (albeit fine) previously issued solo outings for the label: 1998's Telewacker, and 2001's No Stranger to a Tele. The rest is from the recorded document of the outlandishly great Twangbangers tour with Billy Kirchen, Dallas Wayne, Joe Goldmark, Johnny Castle, and Jack O'Dell. The label also "generously" tracked on a couple of videos from the aforementioned outings in "Truck Drivin' Man," and "Tube'n." In other words, for fans -- given Volkaert's niche appeal they are the only people likely to be interested -- there is nothing here you don't already have. It's true, the material here smokes, it's the highest quality roots American guitar picking, manic musicality available, Volkaert deserves better treatment, fans do too, and High Tone seems like it's re-hashing its catalog -- no matter how slim -- for a quick buck every day.