Aaron Irwin – Ordinary Lives

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"I apologize for this brief intrusion, however, I am writing to let you know that regardless of all common sense, I have again spent time and effort in writing and recording some original jazz music which I would like to share with you. The album is called Ordinary Lives, and it is my third recording on Fresh Sound New Talent. I am really proud of how this came together and also think that the musicians helping me in this endeavor sound simply fantastic. It was a quite rewarding process and I would be honored if you were to check it out."

-Aaron Irwin

Track Listing
1. A Winning Smile (For the Champions) - 6:34   2. The Traveler - 6:38   3. Song for Nilsson - 6:14   4. Ordinary Lives - 7:08   5. Fevered Dream - 7:22   6. Holly Roller - 6:13   7. Big Blue World - 5:19   8. Lost in the Wind - 8:21   9. Billions and Billions - 4:28   10. Say Goodbye - 3:50

All compositions by Aaron Irwin


Aaron Irwin (alto sax), Danny Fox (piano, Fender Rhodes), Sebastian Noelle (guitar), Thomson Kneeland (bass), and Greg Ritchie (drums).

Recorded at Systems Two Recording Studio, Brooklyn, New York, on May 23 & 24, 2013

Mixed & mastered by Mike Marciano

Cover art & photos by Brian Murphy

Produced by Aaron Irwin

Exceutive producer: Jordi Pujol