Little Pink Anderson – Sitting Here SInging The Blues

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Als zoon van de blueslegende Pink Anderson heeft hij alle tricks van de Piedmont blues van bij de geboorte meegekregen. Enkele jaren geleden werd hij 'her-ontdekt' door Timothy Duffy van het Music Maker label. Akoestische blues die perfect paste in zijn cataloog en in de platenkast van iedereen die van dit genre houdt.


Little Pink was born on July 13, 1954, in South Carolina. His father, Pink Anderson, a blues legend, raised him, teaching him the same Piedmont blues style, the same techniques he possessed (old school, rural blues, Southern blues…). Performing is his life. He expresses that one basic element you need in music, is feeling. As says Little PinK " learn to feel… learn to feel yourself.”

Track Listing:
1. He's In A Jailhouse Now - 2:56   2. Lose My Money Let Me Lose - 2:58   3. Betty & Dupree - 4:54   4. I Just Want To Go - 4:24   5. See that My Grave Is Kept Clean - 3:34   6. I Got Mine - 1:52   7. Bo Weavil - 3:16   8. Easy - 3:34   9. St. James Infirmary - 7:25   10. Walk With Me - 2:48   11. Sitting Here Singing The Blues - 4:11   12. Mutton Stew - 1:24   13. Greasy Greans - 2:23   14. Willie Mae - 3:48   15. Step It Up And Go - 1:35   16. The Sky IS Crying - 2:52   17. Rainy Night In Georgia - 5:09
This enhanced CD contains a video program that will run on most computer CD players - Biography to be printed - App. Total time: 10:00

Little Pink Anderson (guitar, vocals) , Cool John Ferguson (lead guitar)

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