Bad Livers – Industry And Thrift

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Track Listing:
1. Lumpy, Beanpole & Dirt - 5:20   2. I'm Goin' Back To Mom And Dad - 2:55   3. I'm Convicted - 3:22   4. Brand New Hat - 4:15   5. Hollywood Blues - 7:32   6. Honey, I've Found A Brand New Way / It's All The Same To Me - 5:11   7. A Yid Ist Geboren Inz Oklahoma - 3:57   8. Captain, Oh Captain - 5:26   9. Jalopy - 1:53   10. Doin' My Time - 5:43   11. Cannonball Rag - 4:12   12. Anna Lee - 3:38

Danny Barnes (banjo, guitar, vocals) , Mark Rubin (bass, vocals)


1. AllMusic - Rick Anderson
Audacious as ever, the Austin-based country rockers Bad Livers continue to perfect their songwriting skills on INDUSTRY AND THRIFT. The Livers have come a long way since their inception as a band, when they covered rock songs (ranging from Iggy Pop to Motorhead) in a hyper-bluegrass style all their own. On their fifth album, the Livers consist of a core duo of bassist Mark Rubin and Danny Barnes on banjo and vocals, surrounded by an extended musical family (including a trademark loudmouth tuba). All manage to have a great time while putting their musical aptitude front and center on songs like "Brand New Hat," with its fast-pickin' intro and warped, slow motion finale. In a musical era with an abundance of insurgent country bands, Bad Livers stand out as authentic rebels, bringing a true punk sensibility to their down-home, twangy music and lyrical gloom and goofiness.

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