Ides Of May – Lookin’ For Trouble

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The Ides of May include an uncompromised style and directness in their blues. Their collective experience on this recording, and the band's progression takes a step further here. At hand, is a well balanced album that comes from a love for the music and recreates the energy and emotion seen at their live performances. The material is mostly original, and well supported by a tight unit (such as only comes from years of playing together). If you are into a tough, electrified blues style, then this one is for you. The originals (which represent most of the songs) on this CD are gems, and were culled from a list of over 40 self-penned songs.

Track Listing:
1. Louise - 3:40   2. Don't Let Me Down - 3:01   3. You Can Walk Away - 2:28   4. Bad Girls Looking For Fun - 3:56   5. What's The Matter - 3:07   6. Shake That Thing - 3:59   7. Roomful Of Blues - 3:35   8. The Sun Can't Shine Anymore - 3:16   9. Down The Road - 3:08   10. I'm Not That Kat Anymore - 3:16   11. Ridin' On A Free Train - 2:55   12. Smokey Joe’s Cafe - 3:12   13. Be My Girl - 3:01   14. Lookin' For Trouble - 4:16

Ap Daalmeyer (vocals) , Maarten Emmen (lead guitar) , Peter Kosstede (bass) , Jeroen Mense (drums, backing vocals) , Robert Beukers (rhythm guitars)

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