Aubrey Haynie – The Bluegrass Fiddle Album

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Track Listing:
1. Buckner’s Breakdown - 3:08   2. Hamilton Special - 3:24   3. McHattie’s Waltz - 3:20   4. Ducks On The Millpond - 4:08   5. Smith’s Rag - 2:53   6. Bluegrass In The Backwoods - 3:21   7. April’s Reel - 3:20   8. Make A Little Boat - 3:08   9. Ook Pik Waltz - 4:07   10. Long Cold Winter - 3:11   11. First Day In Town - 2:36   12. Bill Cheatham - 3:03

Aubrey Haynie (fiddle) , Barry Bales (bass) , Sam Bush (mandolin) , Tony Rice (guitar) , David Talbot (banjo)


1. AllMusic - Charles Spano
The best thing about Aubrey Haynie's fiddling is that he's so smooth and fluid. The Bluegrass Fiddle Album is not likely to draw any new fans to the genre, but bluegrass regulars will appreciate how deftly the hugely talented Haynie works through originals, traditionals, and covers of artists like Kenny Bakerand Arthur Smith. On his third and most old-school-styled album, Haynie's tone is always dead on, whether he's paying homage to Florida legends like Chubby Wise and Vassar Clements on the slow and gentle "McHattie's Waltz" or burning the barn down with the freewheeling traditional "Bill Cheatham." With legends Tony Rice and Sam Bush in his band, Haynie can't really go wrong. The Bluegrass Fiddle Album is an excellent, straight-up bluegrass record played in a traditional style that will impress those wary of bluegrass fusion and crossover, and though it won't break out like a Nickel Creek album, the beauty of Haynie's playing is sure to bring a grin to your face.

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