Scott Wendholt / Adam Kolker Qt – Andthem

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"It has been a number of years since my last recording as a leader. This new quartet is actually co-led by Adam Kolker. I want to take this opportunity to formally thank Adam for his persistence in getting the group up and running and into the studio to record this project. Adam and I had been talking about a “chordless” tenor/trumpet quartet for quite some time. While there is certainly a challenge coming up with material suitable for such an ensemble, the freedom that comes with this format makes this a very interesting and satisfying endeavor for me.

The band wouldn’t work as well as it does if there wasn’t such an open minded approach by everyone to the overall concept and to the treatment of new compositions that come into the group. I am so happy to be working with the rhythm section of Ugonna Okegwo and Victor Lewis. The amount of “music” they put into each arrangement is inspiring. I feel they are both fearless when it comes to diverging from the commonplace. What more can I say? I feel lucky to be playing with such world class musicians and I look forward to the future with this group."

—Scott Wendholt

Track Listing:
1. Green Chimneys - 3:59   2. Calypso - 6:59   3. Once or Twice - 9:20   4. In or Out - 2:47   5. Lucy - 8:05   6. New Minority - 6:53   7. Buttercup - 5:59   8. Ah-Leu-Cha - 5:14   9. And Them - 6:25 

Scott Wendholt (trumpet) , Adam Kolker (tenor sax) , Ugonna Okegwo (bass) , Victor Lewis (drums).
Recorded by James Farber at Sear Sound, New York City, on October 16th, 2011