Anne Hills – Bittersweet Street

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A dozen stunning contemporary folk gems, Anne’s debut on the new Chicago-based label is destined to be a classic in the genre. All the songs are by Anne, except where noted. Here’s a tracklist with a couple samples:

Track Listing:
1. Pleiades - 4:20   2. Yard Dreams - 5:00   3. First Day of Autumn - 5:02   4. The Blur in the Photograph - 4:09   5. Cloudships - 3:38   6. Bittersweet Street - 4:37   7. Exile - 4:42   8. Just by Offering - 3:32   9. Some Boats - 3:57   10. New Companion - 4:01   11. Wait by the River - 4:07   12. Close the Door Lightly - 3:56

Anne Hills (vocals, guitar) , Michael Peter Smith (acoustic guitar) , Larry Packer (viola, violin) , Scott Petito (bass, electric guitar, mandolin, piano) , Joe McGinty (organ) , Dean Sharp (percussion)


1. AllMusic - Tim Sheridan
Hills possesses a sweet voice and sound songwriting talent, but her approach may be a bit wide-eyed for all but the crunchiest folk fans (singing of the stars, clouds, and apple tree shade). The innocence in these songs is appealing, but it's one of those albums that would cause you to vomit if you tended toward a more cynical worldview.

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