Cindy Mangsen – Songs Of Experience

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These are songs of experience. Most of them are old songs, shaped by various singers and times. They open a door between past and present. Most of the songs tell stories, some with all the details, some with just a glance. I don't sing them because they are old, but because they speak to me, as they must have to the singers who brought them this far. I sing them because they connect me to the long line of human beings who sing, for so many reasons.
With help from a few special friends, Steve Gillette, Priscilla Herdman, Anne Hills, and Pete Sutherland.

Track Listing:
1. Wedding Dress - 3:50   2. October Roses - 3:27   3. The Snow Is on the Ground - 2:54   4. The Haunted Hunter - 4:01   5. She Perished in the Snow - 2:27   6. Dessus le Pont de Londres - 3:26   7. The Cruel Mother - 5:40   8. Her Bright Smile Haunts Me Still - 2:51   9. Clerk Saunders - 6:26   10. I Hela Naturen/Gus's Waltz - 2:50   11. Shallow Brown - 3:18   12. Selling the Isabel - 3:45

Cindy Mangsen (accordio, concertina, guitar, vocals) , Pete Sutherland (fiddel, piano) , Steve Gillette (guitar, vocal harmony) , Priscilla Herdman / Anne Hills (vocal harmony)


1. AllMusic - Tim Sheridan
Choosing traditional songs from outside the overused folk canon, the focus of this fine album falls on Mangsen's clear voice and fragile guitar work. On tunes such as the lovely "Wedding Dress" and the epic "Clerk Saunders," Mangsen's unassuming charm shines through. The subtle accompaniment by players like Steve Gillette and Anne Hills completes the picture. 

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