Blues Jumpers – Wheels Start Turning

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In the midst of the Neo-Swing revival came this gem from a bunch of NY area session pros. While most of the Neo-swing bands merely ape the classic swing & jump blues of the 40's, these guys sound like the real deal. The solos are accomplished, vocals are sturdy and lyrical, and the group is tight as a whole. The songs are original, and unlike Royal Crown Revue or especially, Cherry Poppin' Daddies, the band is well rounded and all members play well. The album definitely has a strong blues flavor, but also has the humor of classic swing. They belt out preposterous songs about chicken wings, chartreuse hair, shiftlessness, alcoholism, and encounters with the legal system.

Track Listing:
1. Wheels Start Turning - 3:20   2. Thanks for the Boogie Ride - 3:13   3. Go Ahead and Burn - 3:39   4. Jim Beam - 4:57   5. Chicken Wing - 2:56   6. Nightmare World - 4:10   7. Chartreuse - 3:30   8. High Ballin' Daddy - 2:52   9. Too Lazy to Work - 3:29   10. Ball of Fire - 4:27   11. Good Morning Judge - 3:32   12. Baby I'm Gone - 3:49   13. Where You Found Me - 4:12

Eldridge Taylor (vocals) , Mike Girao (guitar) , Matt Hong / Jim Jedeikin (saxophone) , Joe D'Astolfo (bass) , Joe Geary (drums) , Mike Bank (piano) , Doug Oberhamer (trumpet)


1. AllMusic - Tom Schulte
This contemporary swing project is a half-dozen musicians here augmented with piano and trumpet. They are hip, jumpers and swingers that have the chops, talent and delivery that made Mighty Blue Kings such darlings of the swing set. Lead vocalist Eldridge Taylor does much to define the band with his Louis Armstrong inflected tenor voice. This band has roots and experience, too. Recording sessions with Illinois Jacquet and Louis Jordan are on their resume. This energetic album is a near even mix of covers "High Ballin' Daddy," "Baby I'm Gone," Krupa's "Ball of Fire," etc.) and hot originals with plenty of skilled solos from saxes.