Snatch It Back – Dynamite

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Whilst many another groups have remained content to draw from the basic blues repertoire, Snatch It Back have always added to the songbook. Indeed, even before the band was properly up and running, singer and harmonica player Chris Rees was having songs covered by the likes of Dave Edmunds. SIB might just be one of the most purposeful bands around. The members of this band aren't just a bunch of excellent musicians playing some extremely well-written original tunes, they're much more than that. Snatch It Back is a mood - and that mood is blue. The harp is plaintive, the guitar is incisive, the bass lines are driving and the drums offer machine-gun bursts.

Track Listing:
1. Little Miss Pleasure - 3:45   2. Kind Of Loving I Need - 4:30   3. I'm Not Your Fool - 4:25   4. Ballad Of Edward Johnson - 2:50   5. Dynamite - 2:00   6. Bad Reputation - 2:35   7. Feel So Good - 2:50   8. Good Morning Mr. Jones - 6:40   9. I Like You - 2:20   10. Maxime - 3:15   11. Jump Sister Bessie - 3:30   12. Talk To Your Daughter - 4:15   13. One Kiss - 2:15   14. Tore Up - 2:50

Chris Rees (vocals, harmonica, saxophones, mandoline) , Dave Dearnely (guitars, backing vocals) , Paul Higgins (bass, backing vocals, lead vocals on 5) , Robert Wilding (drums, backing vocals)

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