Evaristo Perez – Cajon Jazz Trio – Elegant Elephant Vol. 2

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Track Listing:
1. Josephine - 5:30   2. All Blues - 5:14   3. Galaxy - 5:59   4. Elegant Elephant - 5:47   5. Chevaldior - 5:00   6. Armando's Rhumba - 4:11   7. A Monk Grand Regret - 3:21   8. Clemence - 4:11   9. Hulla Hop - 5:42   10. Landscape - 5:34   11. Sardana - 5:26

Evaristo Pérez (piano) , Marta Themo (cajon) , Philippe Brassoud (bass). Danilo Moccia (trombone on 8).
Recorded at Studio La Fonderie, Fribourg, Switzerland, June 26 & 28, 2014


1. Jazz Journal - Nigel Jarrett,  (December 2015)
This is a jazz album that proposes something out of the ordinary. Lyle Ritz playing the ukulele is a forerunner, as is any recording by a jitterbugging bagpiper. Here we have the drum kit replaced literally by a wooden box: the six-sided cajón, originally from Peru. Beside a piano and an acoustic string bass, it looks and sounds even more primitive and its range of sonic effects is limited, serving to inhibit jazz's potentially stimulating exchange mechanisms. Others may hear it differently. It's a pleasant enough backbeat to what Perez has to offer.

2. Japan Jazzlife - Waon Hirata
Cajon jazz trio is releasing the 2nd album already after releasing the 1st album in 2013. The trio caught our attention by its unique instrumentation in his debut. And we could hear the much developed Trio's interplay and the matured sound on this Cajon Jazz Trio Vol. II
"Josephine", the 1st track, is characterized by the light percussive polyrhythms contrasting to the deep sound of bass will be well appreciated by the audience. The rich depth which Evaristo Perez inherited from his teacher Enrico Pieranunzi can be heard on the ballad "Chevaldior". A very pleasant album with a nice diversity like the swinging song "A Monk Grand Regret" and the explosive Cajon solo featured on "Hulla Hop".