Dan Page Trip – Hero

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The Trip's third CD showcases upbeat grooves, skilled musicianship and the well crafted songwriting of Dan Page. "Hero" is a mixture of high octane blues rock, and traditional blues along with their own brand of alternative blues. This one's for all the fans who have had a great time in the clubs catching their scorching performances and those who dig a smokin' guitar, bass and drums blues combo! It is emotionally thrilling blues with wrenching, brilliant melodies and phrases that are sincere and nakedly honest. Every song is moving and gripping; and the set will keep your ears riding the tension between beauty and pain. Music this pure and penetrating is a rare treat.

Track Listing:
1. Hero -   2. My Little Girl -   3. Rain -   4. Blush -   5. Return of The Sun -   6. I Can't Be Satisfied -   7. Prisoner of Freedom -   8. Sands of The Desert -   9. Say One Thing -   10. Hey World -   11. Halfhearted Halfway -   12. City Lights -   13. Falling From Me –