David Jacobs-Strain – Stuck On The Way Back

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David's new CD, Stuck on the Way Back, will be released on June 18th, 2002 across North America and Europe.

"David Jacobs-Strain is the future of the blues", says Fred Litwin, President of NorthernBlues Music. "At 18, he's already a gifted guitarist, a very good songwriter, and has an uncanny ability to move audiences with his music. I am incredibly excited about adding David to our roster - it not only shows our commitment to helping young talent - it showcases our commitment to finding the best talent period."

Track Listing:
1. River Was Green - 4:02   2. Bowlegged Charlie - 4:10   3. Poor Black Mattie - 4:35   4. Sidewalk Rag - 2:40   5. Poor Boy/Nobody's Fault - 8:29   6. Black and Blue - 3:52   7. Dark Horse Blues - 5:18   8. Wild Bill Jones - 5:45   9. Linin' Track - 3:23   10. Old Man Dancing - 1:31   11. Cold Mountain Blues - 4:03   12. Broken Wings - 2:06

David Jacobs-Strain (acoustic guitar, vocals) , Peter Joseph Burtt (kora, cajon, djembe, mbira, backing vocals) , Kenny Passarelli (bass, Hammond B3 organ, piano)


1. All Music - Chris Nickson
David Jacobs-Strain might still be young, but he has a formidable arsenal at his command, wth a guitar technique and power that's second to none and a voice that's decades older than his baby face. But once you get past the contrast between his appearance and the fire in his sound, it's apparent you're in the presence of a very talented bluesman, one of the best of a new generation. While he's a precise picker on acoustic, almost too clean at times, his slide work can be wonderfully dirty and his voice sounds as if he's spent several years eating gravel. The biggest surprise, though, is how accomplished he is as a writer, not just aping the form, but getting deep inside it on songs like "Cold Mountain Blues" and "River Was Green." He has a good ear for other songs, too, by Otis Taylor, R.L. Burnside, and a good selection of traditional tunes, including a storming version of "Poor Boy/Nobody's Fault but Mine" whose slide work shows the strong influence Blind Willie Johnson had on his playing. He's a talent who's moving on fast and maturing with scary speed. In a few years he's going to be a towering figure on the blues scene


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