Sunnyland Slim, Bonnie Lee, Big Time Sarah & Zora Young – She Got A Thing Goin’ On

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This album is a reissue of tracks produced and released by Sunnyland Slim on his Airway lable in the early '80s. Sunnyland served as a mentor and promoter of Bonnie, Sara, and Zora, taking them on tours which gave them national exposure in the beginning of their professional careers.
In addition to these fine female vocalists, the sessions also feature the brilliant guitar work of Eddie Taylor, Byther Smith, and Hubert Sumlin, along with the fine bassist of Bob Stroger. An added bonus are two previously unreleased tracks from Earwig's historic 1979 session, Old Friends, with Slim on piano, Floyd Jones on bass and vocals, Kansas City Red on drums and vocals, and Honeyboy Edwards on guitar.

Track Listing:
1. She Got a Thing Goin' On - Sunnyland Slim – Bonnie Lee - 2:29   2. Sad and Evil Woman - Sunnyland Slim – Bonnie Lee - 2:31   3. Long Tall Daddy - Big Time Sarah - 3:53   4. Rockin' My Blues Away - Big Time Sarah - 2:44   5. Bus Station Blues - Zora Young - 5:03   6. Tryin' to Make a Living - Sunnyland Slim – Bonnie Lee - 3:03   7. See My Lawyer - Sunnyland Slim – Bonnie Lee - 2:45   8. Darling, Yes, I Love You - Kansas City Red - 2:06   9. Feel Like Stroking - Zora Young - 3:55   10. Goin' Down Slow - Floyd Jones - 3:22   11. Big Time Operator - Big Time Sarah - 2:08   12. Done You Wrong - Sunnyland Slim - 3:23   13. She Got That Jive - Sunnyland Slim - 2:32   14. Black Cat Cross My Trail - Big Time Sarah - 4:40


1. AllMusic - Scott Yanow
Pianist/singer Sunnyland Slim (1909-1995) was a major force in Chicago blues for over 50 years. A professional by the late '20s, he was based in Memphis for a time before moving to Chicago in 1939. A powerful pianist and an expressive singer, he recorded for many labels through the years, having his own company (Airway Records) in the 1970s. She Got a Thing Goin' On reissues the best selections from those dates. In addition to numbers that showcase Slim's vocals, he is heard backing singers Zora Young, Bonnie Lee, and Big Time Sarah, all of whom sound inspired by his presence. Teamed with top-notch musicians, the pianist plays with the energy of someone half his age. In addition, there are two selections from a 1979 date with Kansas City Red and Honeyboy Edwards that was released on this CD for the first time. Highly recommended as a fine retrospective from the later years of Sunnyland Slim.

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